Inderscience 出版公司
作者:Bryan McIntosh , Bruce Sheppy , Juan David Zuliani
来源:[J].Int. J. of Business Performance Management, 2017, Vol.18 (3), pp.307-326Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:Corporations in the 21st century play a decisive role in the future of society. Their power and influence in world affairs often seems devoid of ethics and seems to exceed the reach and the means of many nations. As a result, the strategic positions they take towards value, creat...
作者:Andreia Areal , Bryan McIntosh , Bruce Sheppy
来源:[J].Int. J. of Business Performance Management, 2016, Vol.17 (2), pp.117-131Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:Corporate social responsibility has been seen by corporations as a practice to adopt as an act of philanthropy. There have been attempts to expand the role of social responsibility to business problems however there has never been an attempt to consider the strategic alignment of...
作者:Caprice Lantz-Deaton , Nayyara Tabassum , Bryan McIntosh
来源:[J].Int. J. of Human Resources Development and Management, 2018, Vol.18 (3/4), pp.167-197Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:Over the past 30 years, the term the 'glass ceiling' has come to be known as a metaphor for vertical segregation, symbolising an invisible barrier that prevents women from progressing in their careers. Increasingly women are found in higher level positions and mentoring has often...
作者:Susanne Cruickshank , Bryan McIntosh , Michael Fascia
来源:[J].International Journal of Healthcare Policy, 2019, Vol.1 (1)Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:The distribution and determinants of cancerous diseases in specified populations attempts to prevent and control cancer-related public health issues, and is an essential step in epidemiological studies. During economic growth, every society undergoes several substantial structura...


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