Taylor & Francis期刊
作者:Bernhard Kawohl
来源:[J].Communications in Partial Differential Equations(IF 1.025), 1985, Vol.10 (10), pp.1213-1225Taylor & Francis
摘要:We extend and apply a concavity maximum principle from [10, 9, 7] to some nonlinear elliptic boundary problems and free boundary problems on convex domains Ω⊂IRn. In particular we extend "convex dead core' results from n = 2 as in [4 ] to arbitrary n. We also show the convex...
作者:Bernhard Kawohl
来源:[J].Applicable Analysis(IF 0.71), 1983, Vol.16 (2), pp.121-122Taylor & Francis
摘要:Suppose (x,d) is a complete metric space, 1≥ h εR and T: X+X. The map T is called expanding if d (T(x),T(y))≥ n d(x,y) for each x,y[d]∈X. Recently (Gillespie and Williams [2]) proved the following result [2, Thm.3]
作者:Bernhard Kawohl
来源:[J].Applicable Analysis(IF 0.71), 1983, Vol.16 (3), pp.229-233Taylor & Francis
摘要:It is shown that under certain geometrical assumptions on a domain [image omitted] any positive solution of △u+f(u)=0 in D, u=0 on ∂D has level Sets [image omitted] with the same geometrical properties as D. This implies that u has only one critical point and externds result...
作者:Bernhard Kawohl
来源:[J].Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization(IF 0.5), 1979, Vol.1 (6), pp.633-645Taylor & Francis
摘要:We consider a semicoercive variational inequality (V) (see def. below) under nonlinear mixed boundary conditions: u≥o on r1 and u≤o on r2. Here r1 and r2 are the basic components of the boundary ∂Ω of a bounded domain Ω ⊂ 2. Problem (V) corresponds to a boundary v...


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