De Gruyter期刊
作者:Barbara Król-Kogus , Khenifi Mohammed Lamine ...
来源:[J].Acta Pharmaceutica, 2018, Vol.68 (1), pp.97-107De Gruyter
摘要:Abstract A new HPTLC-densitometric method for diosgenin determination in fenugreek seeds was established after optimization of the conditions for efficient saponin extraction and acid hydrolysis. Several procedures were tested, the best of which was a three-step Soxhlet extractio...
作者:Barbara Król-Kogus , Daniel Głód , Mirosława Krauze-Baranowska
来源:[J].Acta Pharmaceutica, 2020, Vol.70 (1), pp.89-99De Gruyter
摘要:Abstract Fenugreek seeds are known as a source of various compounds, the most common of which are steroidal saponins. However, despite the growing interest in this plant material as a healing agent, spice and dietary supplement ingredient, the composition of Polish fenugreek seed...


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