作者:Anjar Priyono , Andina Yulita
来源:[J].Intangible Capital, 2017, Vol.13 (5), pp.923-945Omnia出版社
摘要:Purpose: The aims of this study are twofold: first, it attempts to investigate service attributes in a hospital front office; and second, to identify strategies to improve those service attributes.(#br)Design/methodology/approach: This study used integration of Quality Funct...
作者:Anjar Priyono , Fazli Idris
来源:[J].Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 2018, Vol.11 (4), pp.697-714Omnia出版社
摘要:Purpose: This paper aims to analyse the challenges of lean manufacturing implementation in the remanufacturing industry. The research was undertaken in three types of remanufacturing company, torque converter, gearbox, and jet engine remanufacturers. This paper describes the...
作者:Anjar Priyono
来源:[J].Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 2017, Vol.10 (2), pp.323-351Omnia出版社
摘要:Purpose: This study aims to analyse the benefit provided by interested parties in remanufacturing including manufacturing companies, original equipment manufacturers and customers. Existing studies examining Produc-Service System (PSS) focus on relationship between two parti...
作者:Anjar Priyono , Winifred Ijomah , Umit Bititci
来源:[J].Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 2016, Vol.9 (4), pp.899-932Omnia出版社
摘要:Purpose: Disassembly is an important process that distinguishes remanufacturing from conventional manufacturing. It is a unique process that becomes focus of investigation from many scholars. Yet, most scholars investigate disassembly from technical and operational standpoint tha...


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