作者:Ana Jofre , Steve Szigeti , Sara Diamond
来源:[J].Citizenship Education: Meaning and Experiences, 2016, Vol.14 (20), pp.305-325FahrenHouse
摘要:We begin with the premise that data literacy is a fundamental facet of citizen education in this information age, and that an engaged citizenry in a democracy not only requires access to data, but also the capacity to manipulate and examine the data from multiple perspective...
作者:Ana Jofre , Rosa Bruno-Jofré
来源:[J].Society, Education and Elites in Europe during 19th and 20th Century, 2019, Vol.6 (2), pp.153-175FahrenHouse
摘要:We created a web-based digital history resource, documenting the work of the Sisters of the Infant Jesus in Bembibre, Spain. The resource contains an interpretative historical narrative that examines the Sisters’ time in Bembibre and the development of their school, as well ...


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