作者:Alexandra Fleischmann , Monika Sieverding ...
来源:[J].Computers & Education(IF 2.775), 2016, Vol.95, pp.63-74Elsevier
摘要:Abstract(#br)According to common gender stereotypes, women are assumed to have lower computer skills than men. Following the interactive model of Deaux and Major (1987), target attributes or situational cues can activate stereotypes. Can the outfit of a woman elicit the stereotyp...
作者:José M Bertolote , Alexandra Fleischmann
来源:[J].The Lancet(IF 39.06), 2002, Vol.359 (9325), pp.2274-2274Elsevier
作者:Alexandra Fleischmann , Joris Lammers
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2020, Vol.33, pp.23-27Elsevier
摘要:This review synthesizes research on how feelings of power affect the processing of moral information. Although power is typically viewed as a potentially corruptive force that reduces our morality, we propose that power amplifies moral thinking — but does so in different way...


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