作者:Aboussekhra Abdelilah , Al-Sharif Ibtehaj S
来源:[J].The EMBO Journal(IF 9.822), 2005, Vol.24 (11), pp.1999-2010PubMed
摘要:To efficiently protect the integrity of genetic information, transcription is connected to nucleotide excision repair (NER), which allows preferential repair of the transcribed DNA strands (TS). As yet, the molecular basis of this connection remains elusive in eukaryotic cells. H...
作者:... Al-Jammaz Ibrahim , Al-Hussein Khaled , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
来源:[J].Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 2010, Vol.128 (1), pp.97-107PubMed
摘要:We have investigated here the anti-breast cancer properties of two novel curcumin analogues, EAC and PAC. Apoptosis was assessed by the annexin V/propidium iodide (PI) assay on different breast cancer and normal cells. Immunoblotting analysis determined the effects of these ...
作者:Al-Khalaf Huda H , Hendrayani Siti-Faujiah , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
来源:[J].Molecular Cancer Research, 2011, Vol.9 (3), pp.311-9PubMed
摘要:The tumor suppressor p16(INK4A), a phosphoprotein that exists in human cells under both phosphorylated and nonphosphorylated forms, plays crucial roles during the cellular response to UV light. However, it is still unclear how this protein is activated in response to this carcino...
作者:Al-Moghrabi Nisreen , Al-Qasem Abeer J S , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
来源:[J].International Journal of Oncology, 2011, Vol.39 (1), pp.129-35PubMed
摘要:Early-onset breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies and causes of death among young women, and its incidence is increasing. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the epigenetic modifications of the breast cancer type 1 susceptibility gene (BRCA1) in brea...
作者:... Al-Kofide Amani , El-Kum Nasser , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
来源:[J].Anticancer Research, 2011, Vol.31 (5), pp.1721-33PubMed
摘要:Vincristine and lomustine are two important chemotherapeutic drugs used for the treatment of different types of neoplasms, including medulloblastomas.;;We investigated the effects of vincristine and lomustine on 12 primary medulloblastoma cell cultures and the DAOY cell line usin...
作者:... Kaya Namik , Khabar Khalid S , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
来源:[J].PL o S One(IF 3.73), 2011, Vol.6 (7), pp.e21111PubMed
摘要:The cyclin-D/CDK4,6/p16(INK4a)/pRB/E2F pathway, a key regulator of the critical G1 to S phase transition of the cell cycle, is universally disrupted in human cancer. However, the precise function of the different members of this pathway and their functional interplay are still no...
作者:Al-Khalaf Huda H , Hendrayani Siti-Faujiah , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
来源:[J].Molecular Carcinogenesis, 2011PubMed
摘要:The universal cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21(WAF1/Cip1) promotes cell cycle arrest and inhibits apoptosis in response to UV-induced DNA damage. Since the protein kinase ATR plays a major role in the cellular response to these carcinogenic lesions, we investigated the ...
作者:... Khafaga Yasser , Al-Kofide Amani , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
来源:[J].Molecular Carcinogenesis, 2009, Vol.49 (3), pp.302-14PubMed
摘要:Medulloblastoma is an aggressive primary brain tumor that arises in the cerebellum of children and young adults. The Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) signaling pathway that plays important roles in the pathology of this aggressive disease is a promising therapeutic target. In the present rep...
作者:... Al-Tweigeri Taher , Aboussekhra Abdelilah , Dermime Said
来源:[J].Breast Cancer Research (Online)(IF 5.872), 2010, Vol.12 (4), pp.R48PubMed
摘要:B7-H1 (PD-L1, CD274) is a T cell inhibitory molecule expressed in many types of cancer, leading to immune escape of tumor cells. Indeed, in previous reports we have shown an association of B7-H1 expression with high-risk breast cancer patients.;;In the current study, we used immu...
作者:Al-Moghrabi Nisreen M , Al-Sharif Ibtehaj S , Aboussekhra Abdelilah
摘要:The Saccharomyces cerevisiae RAD9 and RAD24 are two cell cycle checkpoint genes required for UV-dependent up-regulation of a battery of genes involved in different metabolic pathways. RAD9 is also implicated in nucleotide excision repair (NER); however, its precise role is still ...


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