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作者:Abdelyamine Boukhobza , Mourad Brioua ...
来源:[J].Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, 2017, Vol.4684, pp.68-74
摘要:The aim of this paper is to examine a premature breakage of two compression plates for fixing broken bones with different patients for the period of their recovery. Each compression plate's breakage can induce grave consequences such as a new surgery, unexpected undesired complic...
作者:... Mohamed Hamidouche , Abdelyamine Boukhobza , Mamoun Fellah
来源:[J].International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa, 2019, Vol.4747, pp.1-14
摘要:WC-Co cemented carbide is one of the widely hard materials used for cutting in machining industry, due to its microstructural and mechanical stability even at high temperature. However, diffusion wear is the most serious problem that WC-Co suffers from. One of the most appli...
作者:Abdelyamine Boukhobza , Said Mechachti
来源:[J].Diffusion Foundations, 2018, Vol.4709, pp.35-40
摘要:The objective of this work is the development of a Fe-W-Ni sintered steel obtained by the powder metallurgy technique. The latter is widely used today for the design of new alloys based on powders (iron) to meet industrial requirements in strength and wear characteristics. The pr...
作者:Abdelyamine Boukhobza , Akila Derardja
来源:[J].International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa, 2018, Vol.4729, pp.5-12
摘要:In the present work, Fe-Cu based alloys with different compositions have been obtained by using Powder metallurgy (PM). These alloys were created with the purpose of increasing mechanical properties of the parts. Nevertheless, little have been published, once this is a matte...


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