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作者:Linský, Marek , Čiamporová-Zatovičová, Zuzana , Ciampor, Fedor
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2019, Vol.838, pp.85-109
摘要:The riffle beetle genus Hexanchorus Sharp, 1882 is distributed from Mexico to Argentina, forming an important component of the freshwater invertebrate fauna of Latin America. With 21 described species, Hexanchorus represents one of the most speciose Larainae genera, but its real ...
作者:Čiamporová-Zatovičová, Zuzana , Coissac, Eric ...
来源:[J].Research Ideas and Outcomes, 2016, Vol.2, pp.e11321
摘要:The protection, preservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems and their functions are of global importance. For European states it became legally binding mainly through the EU-Water Framework Directive (WFD). In order to assess the ecological status of a given water body, aq...


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