作者:Hasan T. Arslan PhD
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of social sciences, 2015, Vol.3 (5)
摘要:Throughout history there is not one but many ideologies dictated the societies in certain forms. Turkey has its own share. Turkey‘s journey to democracy yet has not been fully achieved. Two main camps of ideologies formed in the late Ottoman era: ‗modern traditional synthesi...
作者:Aparajita Nayak.
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of Medical Sciences, 2015, Vol.4 (2)
摘要:The HCV subtype 3a is unique in producing the symptoms as it causes hepatic steatosis, which is not commonly observed in other genotypes of HCV. The molecular difference between subtypes 3a and 3b remains unexplored. This study tried to explore this difference between these ...
作者:C.P. Bagley
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of Agricultural sciences, 2015, Vol.3 (1)
摘要:Beef production systems in the U.S. involve relatively intensive management that is based upon maximizing the productivity of individual animals, and getting beef to market-weights using cereal grains in feedlots where finished beef weighs approximately 600 kg at less than 24 mon...
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal Of Educational Research And essays, 2015, Vol.3 (1)
摘要:Coastal and marine ecological systems provide life-support environmental services to mankind. Ecosystem services are important for the improvement of the livelihoods of especially communities around them. To ensure sustainability of these ecosystems and the well-being of the...
作者:C. P. Bagley
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2014, Vol.2 (2)
摘要:Antibiotic resistance and particularly multidrug resistant (MDR) pathogens are of increasing concern. WHO (World Health Organization) wrote in April, 2014 that “this serious threat is no longer a prediction for the future, it is happening right now in every region of the wor...
作者:John Oluoch , Jeremiah Osida
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of Social Sciences, 2014, Vol.2 (2)
摘要:Information and Communication Technology is increasingly becoming crucial part of the education system in Kenya and globally. ICT has changed the functioning of the educational system. This paper considers the rapid spread of ICT applications; which has brought technological, soc...
作者:Dr. J.S. Amarnath
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2014, Vol.2 (1)
摘要:Sustainability evaluation of irrigated and rain fed agro ecological system was taken up in Tamil Nadu, India. This study was conducted with the objective of measuring the sustainability with farm level indicators and Sustainable Rural Livelihood (SRL) framework, assessing the liv...
作者:SANKARE Yacouba
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of BiologicalSciences, 2014, Vol.2 (1)
摘要:The present study was conducted from 2007 to 2009 to assess the effect of the closure of trawling at sea in 1982 on the production of lagoon prawns Penaeus duoraum notialis and shrimps Penaeus kerathurus. In this context, interviews with fishermen were conducted and catches ...
作者:Ghazala Perveen Khan
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of Medical Sciences, 2014, Vol.3 (1)
摘要:This paper aimed at developing a prediction equation for Indian and Pakistani Population using BCA Maltron-II BCA, and comparing the clinical validity of the data obtained with the one obtained by using developing Prediction Equation. Till now, scientists have studied the body co...
作者:Sankare Yacouba
来源:[J].Wyno Academic Journal of Social Sciences, 2014, Vol.2 (1)
摘要:The goal of the study is to describe the local socio-economic importance of the fisheries of swimming crabs Callinectes amnicola De Rochebrune (Decapoda Portunidae) of the Aby lagoon in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa). In this context, several villages bordering the lagoon were ...


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