Wolters Kluwer期刊
作者:Brett D. Crist , John R. Worley , Tyler J. Jenkins ...
来源:[J].Current Orthopaedic Practice, 2019Wolters Kluwer
摘要:BACKGROUND:: This study examines the clinical and functional outcomes for two of the most common surgical approaches for pilon fractures: the anteromedial (AM) and anterolateral (AL) approaches to the distal tibia. METHODS:: A retrospective chart review was performed for 75 ...
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension(IF 3.964), 2019, Vol.28 (1), pp.v-viWolters Kluwer
作者:Jürgen Deckert , Angelika Erhardt
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychiatry(IF 3.422), 2019, Vol.32 (1), pp.1-6Wolters Kluwer
摘要:PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The present review complements previous reviews on prediction research in anxiety disorders with a focus on clinical, imaging and genetic as well as epigenetic factors and aims to provide recommendations for the design of future integrative studies in adults as...
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychiatry(IF 3.422), 2019, Vol.32 (1), pp.v-viiiWolters Kluwer
作者:Ron Wald , Kevin E. Thorpe , Michael W. Walsh
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension(IF 3.964), 2019, Vol.28 (1), pp.34-39Wolters Kluwer
摘要:PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Phosphate lowering toward the normal range is advocated and widely practiced in patients with end-stage renal disease receiving dialysis. This approach is guided by basic science data and large observational studies that have demonstrated a consistent associati...
作者:Doris Eglseer , Manuela Hödl , Christa Lohrmann
来源:[J].Journal of Nursing Care Quality(IF 0.77), 2019, Vol.34 (1), pp.E8-E14Wolters Kluwer
摘要:BACKGROUND:: Investigations on the quality of nursing care relating to various care problems are rare. PURPOSE:: This study assessed the (1) fulfillment of structural indicators, (2) application of nursing interventions as process indicators, and (3) prevalence rate as outcome in...
作者:Laurel E. Radwin , Howard J. Cabral , Marjorie Nealon Seibert ...
来源:[J].Journal of Nursing Care Quality(IF 0.77), 2019, Vol.34 (1), pp.34-39Wolters Kluwer
摘要:BACKGROUND:: Nurse contributions to patient-centered care in primary care clinics are all but ignored in standard patient experience surveys. PURPOSE:: The purpose was to conduct a pilot study to develop and psychometrically assess a scale measuring nursesʼ and other provide...


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