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作者:Annette Leis-Peters
来源:[J].Diaconia, 2019, Vol.10 (1), pp.5-6V & R
作者:Sturla J. Stålsett
来源:[J].Diaconia, 2019, Vol.10 (1), pp.67-84V & R
摘要:In view of recent concrete challenges and creative initiatives arisingin diaconal work related to economics and economic structures, this articletakes human precariousness as its point of departure for reflecting on whatmight be seen as “diaconal economics.” I suggest a herm...
作者:Inger Marie Lid
来源:[J].Diaconia, 2019, Vol.10 (1), pp.51-66V & R
摘要:This article is based upon a historical study of a Norwegian diaconalfoundation working in the field of disability care and welfare services. Thearticle discusses how the foundation understood their mission and respondedto emerging integration policies in the context of a Sc...
作者:Harald Askeland , Gry Espedal , Stephen Sirris
来源:[J].Diaconia, 2019, Vol.10 (1), pp.27-49V & R
摘要:This paper investigates if and how religion is translated throughvalues in everyday work in three Norwegian faith-based healthcare organizations(FBHOs). It provides insights into how values translate religion in theorganizational self-representations of FBHOs and the symbolic pra...
作者:Erica Meijers
来源:[J].Diaconia, 2019, Vol.10 (1), pp.85-111V & R
摘要:One of the ways Jesus lived his message of the coming Kingdomwas through table fellowship. In modern society, where religious and culturaldiversity is growing, our daily bread can be a source of both separation andsolidarity. Can table fellowship today be an adequate answer ...
作者:Henrietta Grönlund , Hanna Falk
来源:[J].Diaconia, 2019, Vol.10 (1), pp.7-26V & R
摘要:The effects of volunteering have been studied predominantly fromthe viewpoint of the volunteers and of society as a whole. We know that volunteeringhas a positive influence on several aspects of the well-being andhealth of volunteers (e.g., Poulin, 2014; Townsend et al., 201...
来源:[J].Diaconia, 2019, Vol.10 (1), pp.1-4V & R
作者:Prof. Dr. Helmut Bremer , Dr. phil. Dipl. Päd. Jana Trumann
来源:[J].Bildung und Erziehung, 2019, Vol.72 (3), pp.277-292V & R
摘要:Der Beitrag diskutiert im Zusammenhang mit der Entfremdungweiter Teile der Bevölkerung von der etablierten Politik und der gleichzeitig vermehrtenBeteiligung an Protesten und des Engagements in zivilgesellschaftlichenInitiativen, welche Potenziale sich für die politische Erw...
作者:Dr. Falk Scheidig , Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Meilhammer
来源:[J].Bildung und Erziehung, 2019, Vol.72 (3), pp.310-325V & R
摘要:Der Beitrag stellt eine Studie vor, die das Potenzial eines Landtagsbesuchsim Rahmen des parlamentarischen Besuchsdienstes für die politischeBildung im Erwachsenenalter am Beispiel des Bayerischen Landtags untersucht.Die Ergebnisse legen nahe, dass das Parlament tatsächlich ...


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