作者:John Carroll , Larkin Powell , Chris Chizinski ...
来源:[J].African Journal of Wildlife Research, 2018, Vol.48 (2), pp.1-12Sabinet
摘要:Large carnivores are key drivers of ecosystem structure and function, yet their populationsare declining worldwide. African lion ( Panthera leo ) populations have decreased significantlyin recent decades with an estimated 23 000 lions left in Africa. Successful conservatione...
作者:Eleanor Tew , Graham I.H. Kerley , Marietjie Landman
来源:[J].African Journal of Wildlife Research, 2018, Vol.48 (2), pp.1-8Sabinet
摘要:Maintaining key ecological processes is a strong argument for conserving biodiversity, andthis should extend to preventing the local extinction of keystone species that are otherwisecommon. Seed dispersal is such a process and chacma baboons ( Papio ursinus ursinus )may facilitat...
作者:Stephan Joubert
来源:[J].LiG, 2018, Vol.2018 (7), pp.54-55Sabinet
作者:René Badenhorst
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作者:Fourie Rossouw
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作者:Melodie Veldhuizen
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作者:Susan Goosen
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作者:Annalise Wiid
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作者:Susan Goosen
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作者:Marcia Klein
来源:[J].finweek, 2018, Vol.2018 (12), pp.30-35Sabinet
摘要:South African investors are, compared with the US and Europe, under-invested inalternative asset classes. This is partly due to perceived complexity and perceptionsof high risk. But, say the experts, returns are adjusted for increased risk. Whilenot easily accessible in South Afr...


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