作者:Valeria Gambacorta
来源:[J].Otolaryngology - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.5 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Background Hormonal variations during pregnancy are frequently linked with functional mucosal alterations both at oral and nasal level. Clinical manifestations of this mucosal involvement can be described generally as pregnancy rhinitis and pregnancy stomatitis and gingivitis. Th...
作者:Ziya Saltürk
来源:[J].Otolaryngology - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.5 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Purpose We evaluated objective, auditive perceptual and subjective changes in the voices of children who underwent resonance voice therapy to treat vocal fold nodules. Methods We included 30 children with vocal fold nodules. All were evaluated prior to therapy and 6 and 8 weeks a...
作者:Nevzat Demirbilek
来源:[J].Otolaryngology - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.5 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Introduction Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is defined as a short, episodic, transient vertigo caused by changes in the position of the head. Objectives In this study, the effects of combined Epley and Semont maneuvers were investigated in patients with vertigo who wer...
作者:Kafumi Sugishita
来源:[J].Womens Health – Open Journal, 2019, Vol.4 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Aim Weak attachment to the fetus during pregnancy has been linked to postpartum depression and child abuse. A longitudinal study was conducted to verify the hypothesis that postpartum depression decreases when bonding between the mothers to fetus is promoted during pregnancy...
作者:Wei-Yo Chao
来源:[J].Emergency Medicine - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.4 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Aim Inspired by the famous Libby Zion case in 1984, which revealed the underlying flaw in the medical system at the time──the exploitation of junior medical staff and the inadequate surveillanceby attending physicians, authors of this systemic review aim to investigate the p...
作者:Keith Klostermann
来源:[J].Social Behavior Research and Practice - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.3 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:The results of numerous studies over the past four decades have consistently revealed the effectiveness of couple and family-based approaches for drug and alcohol abuse. Behavioral couples therapy (BCT) is a conjoint approach which has been consistently shown to produce fewe...
作者:Ozgur Karcioglu
来源:[J].Emergency Medicine - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.4 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Acute viral meningitis (AVM) constitute an important cause of mortality and neurological morbidity within the last decades, in spite of all diagnostic and therapeutic advances in medical technology. Diagnostic procedures consist of lumbar puncture, hemoculture, complete blood cel...
作者:Arianna Di Stadio
来源:[J].Otolaryngology - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.5 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Introduction Haemangioma is a benign vascular tumor, of endothelial origin, that affects the head and neck region in 60% of cases. Laryngeal localization is rare. Case Presentation In the last 9-years, we observed three cases of laryngeal haemangioma, two females, and one male. A...
作者:Neha Taneja
来源:[J].Otolaryngology - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.5 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Introduction Voice disorders due to vocal nodules have been a major cause of voice problems in school-aged children. Several behaviors such as excessive speaking, shouting too loudly, yelling may contribute to voice disorders due to vocal nodules, vocal polyps, vocal cysts, ...
作者:Khalid Al Hawsawi
来源:[J].Dermatology – Open Journal, 2019, Vol.3 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Pityrosporum folliculitis (PF) is an inflammatory skin disorder that presents as a pruritic, follicular papulopustular eruption distributed on the upper trunk of young to middle aged adults. Herein, we report a 21-years old healthy male presented with 2 weeks history of persisten...


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