作者:Ma Xiaoshuang
来源:[J].Global Research in Higher Education, 2019, (2)Scholink
摘要:With the rapid development of information technology, the form of mobile media has been continuously updated, and its social penetration rate is rapidly increasing. As a fashion leader, college students are keen to follow new things and show high enthusiasm and dependence on mobi...
作者:Yu Fu , Xi Kang
来源:[J].Economics, Law and Policy, 2019, Vol.2 (1)Scholink
摘要:God is the core of Christian religion, where the whole Christian faith and creed rest upon. While the relationship between the mortal and God is the fundamental question that makes Christianity distinguish from other religions. This paper aims to discover the secular meaning of G...
作者:Abdullah Al Mamun
来源:[J].Journal of Education, Teaching and Social Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (1)Scholink
摘要:This article is an outcome of a qualitative study that aimed to explore professional as well as personal life of a primary school teacher in hilly area of Bangladesh. This study investigated organisation of a teacher’s life along in remote area with the type of supports she ...
作者:Teboli David Makafane
来源:[J].Journal of Education, Teaching and Social Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (1)Scholink
摘要:This paper is based on a bigger study undertaken in 2017. It focuses on the ramifications of bullying in Lesotho schools. A qualitative research design was adopted to probe for in-depth information about consequences of bullying in schools. The methodology employed was the case s...
作者:Jing Song
来源:[J].Studies in English Language Teaching, 2019, Vol.7 (2)Scholink
摘要:In China, the second language learning has always played an important role in primary and higher education. The issue of how children acquire the second language has experienced a boom in China over the past decade as the proficiency of a person’s English level mainly depend...
作者:Song Jing , Zhu Fangrui
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Culture Studies, 2019, Vol.3 (2)Scholink
摘要:In our country, English teaching has always played an important role in primary school, middle school and even higher education. Especially in primary school, it is essential to cultivate students’ basic English literacy so as to lay a solid foundation for students’ English ...
作者:Jiaxin Ge , Xinjun Zhang
来源:[J].Research in Health Science, 2019, Vol.4 (2)Scholink
摘要:Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common malignant diseases and the forth common cause for death in the world. Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a group of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs), which have a covalent closed loop without 5’ and 3’ ends. Studies indicated that many cir...
作者:Dr. Jamel Ahmad
来源:[J].Studies in English Language Teaching, 2019, Vol.7 (2)Scholink
摘要:The present study is an effort to explore a cutting-edge engineering-English curriculum and a time-tested pedagogy based on longitudinal needs-analysis to best suit the students and professionals of engineering world. The needs analysis in this study drew on both English for...
作者:Sarwar Morshed
来源:[J].Studies in English Language Teaching, 2019, Vol.7 (2)Scholink
摘要:Two hundred years of colonial rule brought the Anglophones in close proximity to the Banglophones. This long time interaction resulted in bilingualism which ultimately paved the way for lexical penetration from English into Bangla. The influx is manifest in the corpus of the...


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