作者:Sheetal Mittal , Neena Sondhi , Deepak Chawla
来源:[J].Global Business Review, 2018, Vol.19 (1), pp.131-146Sage国际出版集团
摘要:While emerging markets like India present a highly conducive environment for impulse buying behaviour, they also represent a conundrum due to their cultural and contextual distinctiveness from Western/developed markets. Most existing research in the domain in these markets aims t...
作者:Feona Attwood
来源:[J].Sexualities, 2018, Vol.21 (1-2), pp.131-138Sage国际出版集团
作者:Jonathan Branfman , Susan Stiritz , Eric Anderson
来源:[J].Sexualities, 2018, Vol.21 (1-2), pp.109-127Sage国际出版集团
摘要:This study examines the practice and perception of receptive anal eroticism among 170 heterosexual undergraduate men in a US university. We analyze the social stigmas on men’s anal pleasure through the concept of homohysteria, which describes a cultural myth that the wrongdo...
作者:Samuel Kwabena Obeng , Linda Akoto , Felicia Acquah
来源:[J].Global Business Review, 2018, Vol.19 (1), pp.1-20Sage国际出版集团
摘要:The article examines the effects of democracy and globalization on private investment in Ghana for the period 1980–2012, using the autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) bounds test for cointegration and the error correction model (ECM). Two models are used. In Model 1, democ...
作者:Rajesh Katiyar , M. K. Barua , Purushottam L. Meena
来源:[J].Global Business Review, 2018, Vol.19 (1), pp.48-68Sage国际出版集团
摘要:The purpose of this article is to explore key barriers in measuring supply chain performance (SCP). In today’s competitive business environment, companies are facing various issues in measuring SCP because of various constraints and these constraints act as a barrier. This a...
作者:Anupam Singh , Priyanka Verma
来源:[J].Global Business Review, 2018, Vol.19 (1), pp.85-98Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Can corporate social responsibility (CSR) be a source of competitive advantage and value creation for the firm? This is a sort of question that frequently comes into the minds of many managers, CEOs and business leaders. To address this question, the study aims to examine the eff...
作者:Kate Farhall
来源:[J].Sexualities, 2018, Vol.21 (1-2), pp.212-232Sage国际出版集团
摘要:This article undertakes a feminist discourse analysis of references to female–female sexuality in selected editions of two Australian women’s magazines published in 1993, 2003 and 2013. It identifies three distinct phases in the discursive evolution of female–female sex...
作者:Sara L Crawley , Rebecca K Willman
来源:[J].Sexualities, 2018, Vol.21 (1-2), pp.156-173Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Queer theory argues that ruling heteronormative discourses are productive of sexualities. How then does heteronormativity produce lesbians? We theorize femme and butch as sexual embodiment projects— processual, relational responses to patriarchal heteronormativity incessantl...
作者:Biranchi Narayan Swar
来源:[J].Global Business Review, 2018, Vol.19 (1), pp.175-186Sage国际出版集团
摘要:India is the one of the top 15 largest passenger car markets globally and is expected to be among the top 10 markets by 2016. Post-liberalization, many foreign manufacturers have set up their operations in India. It is expected that the small car segment is set to grow at a ...
作者:Ryan Scoats , Lauren J Joseph , Eric Anderson
来源:[J].Sexualities, 2018, Vol.21 (1-2), pp.30-48Sage国际出版集团
摘要:In this qualitative research, conducted on 30 gay-friendly, heterosexual, undergraduate men, we examine actual and hypothetical experiences of sexual threesomes, both with two women and one man (FFM), and two men and one woman (MMF). We show a cultural willingness for heterosexua...


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