作者:Aleksi H.Syrjämäki , PessiLyyra , Mikko J.Peltola ...
来源:[J].Social Cognition, 2017, Vol.35 (6), pp.601-618Guilford出版社
摘要:Direct gaze has been suggested to convey inclusion. We hypothesized that receiving direct gaze could alleviate distress caused by social exclusion. In two experiments, participants were first either included or excluded, and then shown a video of a person portraying either d...
来源:[J].Social Cognition, 2017, Vol.35 (6), pp.675-678Guilford出版社
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2017, Vol.104 (6), pp.643-660Guilford出版社
摘要:To provide a context, this introduction presents a bird's-eye view of migration history, of some differences between voluntary and forced motivation for leaving home territories, and the significance of large group relocations.(mass migrations). The challenges of adjustment and a...
来源:[J].Psychodynamic Psychiatry, 2017, Vol.45 (4), pp.588-597Guilford出版社
摘要:Medea, the title character in Euripides' play, murdered her two sons in response to her husband Jason's abandonment. If her behavior can be understood, it is best understood in the context of shame. In an evolutionary context, shame is the affective response to the loss of o...
作者:JoannaChambers , RichardBrockman
来源:[J].Psychodynamic Psychiatry, 2017, Vol.45 (4), pp.425-429Guilford出版社
作者:Nathan A.Fox , Charles A.Nelson , Charles H.Zeanah
来源:[J].Psychodynamic Psychiatry, 2017, Vol.45 (4), pp.441-450Guilford出版社
摘要:The absence of typical caregiving, including warm and responsive parenting, has been suggested to significantly affect the young child's ability to form adaptive relationships with adults and peers. The Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP), a randomized controlled trial of...
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2017, Vol.104 (6), pp.707-721Guilford出版社
摘要:Kanak is a swear word used by Germans for Turkish migrants. From the beginning of Turkish migration sixty years up to now the meaning of this swear word has changed. The word Kanak transformed from a swear word to a name that is carried now “with proud defiance” by the child...
作者:Vamık D.Volkan
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2017, Vol.104 (6), pp.661-685Guilford出版社
摘要:There are many aspects—political, economic, legal, medical, cultural, religious—of the present refugee crisis in Europe. Difficulties at border crossings, settlement programs, life-saving issues, and security measures come to mind immediately, but the refugee crisis also nee...


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