G.V. Kurdyumov金属物理研究院,乌克兰国家科学院
作者:N. M. Rozhenko, O. M. Grigoriev, V. V. Kartuzov
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2018, Vol.40 (09), pp.1149-1164N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The technique of analysis of the x-ray patterns’ shape using Tikhonov’s regularization method to reconstruct a physical profile (i.e., radial distribution of reflection intensity, the broadening of which is caused by crystal defects only) is described. A procedure for the se...
作者:V. I. Bolshakov, V. M. Volchuk, Yu. I. Dubrov
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2018, Vol.40 (09), pp.1165-1171N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:One of the ways to solve the conditionally ill-posed problem for ranking quality criteria of the multiobjective system, whose regularization is made by applying the fractal formalism, is hereby considered. Ranking quality criteria by their importance is based on the definition of...
作者:Yu. V. Naidich, І. І. Gab, Т. V. Stetsyuk, B. D. Kоstyuk, D. B. Shakhnin
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2018, Vol.40 (10), pp.1359-1373N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The dispersion kinetics of molybdenum nanofilms of 100 nm thickness deposited on the leucosapphire, alumina ceramics or quartz glass substrates and annealed in vacuum at 1200–1600°C for different exposure times at each temperature in the interval of 2–20 min. As determi...
作者:V. V. Tykhonovych
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2018, Vol.40 (08), pp.1005-1027N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:As determined, an increase in the fatigue crack resistance of machine parts at frictional hardening of their working surfaces essentially depends on the choice of the technological environment. A complex local study of the influence of different working media on the phase an...
作者:N. M. Rezanova, V. P. Plavan, L. S. Dzubenko, O. O. Sapyanenko, P. P. Gorbyk, and A. V. Korshun
来源:[J].Nanosistemi,Nanomateriali,Nanotehnologii, 2018, Vol.16 (1), pp.0055-0070N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Изучено влияние нанодисперсной добавки серебро/кремнезём, компатибилизатора олеата натрия и их бинарной композиции на закономерности течения расп...
作者:B. P. Koman, O. O. Balitskii, D. S. Leonov
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2018, Vol.40 (04), pp.529-540N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The paper elucidates the peculiarities of photoplasticization effect (PPE) occurring in narrow-gap crystals of mercury chalcogenides illuminated by white light during the process of uniaxial deformation. As found, the irradiation has an influence on the plastic deformation i...
作者:S. M. Zakharchenkо, А. O. Perekos, N. A. Shidlovska, A. I. Ustinov, О. F. Bоytsоv, V. Z. Vоynаsh
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2018, Vol.40 (03), pp.339-357N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The high-carbon steel particles obtained by electrospark dispergation of initial granules in ethanol are investigated. The influence of velocity of ethanol laminar flow on particle-size distribution is studied by means of the optical-granulometry method. The tendency towards to d...
作者:M. Yu. Barabash, R. V. Litvin, D. S. Leonov, A. A. Kolesnichenko, V. E. Martynchuk, and L. V. Ryabov
来源:[J].Nanosistemi,Nanomateriali,Nanotehnologii, 2018, Vol.16 (1), pp.0153-0166N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Рассмотрены существующие оптические методы неразрушающего контроля качества материалов и наноструктурных покрытий. Показано, что голографические ...
作者:O. G. Guglya, V. A. Gusev, O. A. Lyubchenko
来源:[J].Usp. Fiz. Met., 2018, Vol.19, pp.442-486N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The use of alternative energy sources in various areas of industry and in everyday life is becoming increasingly important. This is due to the depletion of the sources of hydrocarbon raw materials and, at the same time, the use of fossil fuel leads to environmental degradation an...
作者:S. O. Firstov, T. G. Rogul, M. O. Krapivka, S. I. Chugunova
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2018, Vol.40 (02), pp.219-234N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Comparative analysis of the yield-stress temperature dependences for polycomponent and binary solid solutions with a b.c.c. lattice (AlCrFeCoNi, AlTiVCrNbMo, Ti$_{25}$Zr$_{25}$Hf$_{25}$Nb$_{12.5}$Ta$_{12.5}$, VNbMoTaW, Fe–Cr, Fe–Mo, Fe–W, Cr–Fe), and some pure b.c.c. me...


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