作者:Udo Dietrich , Hsiao-Hui Chen
来源:[J].International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, 2018, (07), pp.967-974WIT出版社
摘要:Compensating area, which refers to off-site land being used if the energy demand cannot be met due to the urban arrangement of buildings, is required in a carbon-free city because the energy demand, including thermal energy (heating, cooling and hot water), power (ventilation and...
作者:Iker Jimeno Miranda , Antonio Aledo Tur , Armando Ortuño Padilla
来源:[J].International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, 2018, (07), pp.1008-1019WIT出版社
摘要:This article explores the potential of the new peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms for tourist accommodation as a local development tool for the residential tourism oriented economies on the main Costa Blanca (Spain) municipalities. It analyzes the main characteristics of this phenomeno...
作者:Maria Pregnolato , David A. Dawson
来源:[J].International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2018, (4), pp.515-527WIT出版社
摘要:Climate change, extreme weather and flooding threaten to increase damage and disruption to our transport networks and the services that they provide. There is increased need for adaptation to maintain current asset conditions and services, and a strategic requirement to prio...
作者:Nektarios Karanikas
来源:[J].International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2018, (4), pp.547-551WIT出版社
摘要:Safety and Security (S&S) have the same goal, that is to maintain the integrity of human, infrastructure, hardware, software, capital and intangible assets of a system. However, literature and practice indicate that the relationship between S&S has not yet been clearly defined an...
作者:Luis M. Valenzuela , Rodrigo Tisi , Lucas Helle
来源:[J].International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, 2018, (07), pp.985-996WIT出版社
摘要:For at least two decades, Chile has witnessed intensive processes of urban regeneration, mainly by a densification of vast areas. This article offers a new review of residential densification, not through the lens of building height or architectural massiveness, but rather by con...
作者:Joachim Sartor , Mirka Mobilia , Antonia Longobardi
来源:[J].International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2018, (4), pp.505-514WIT出版社
摘要:In accordance with the latest German regulations, the basic idea of the project “Sustainable Urban Storm Water Management”, funded by the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany, is to restore the natural water balance in urban areas to avoid the widely recognized disa...
作者:Tadaharu Ishikawa , Shin Miura , Reiko Yamamoto
来源:[J].International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2018, (4), pp.528-535WIT出版社
摘要:The sewage coverage rate in Tokyo Ward has reached 100%, however, 80% of this coverage is combined sewer systems that were built before 1980. Consequently, large quantities of organic pollutants are discharged from the rainwater outlets into rivers during heavy rainfalls. The org...
作者:Shinsuke Namoto , Tadaharu Ishikawa , Takashi Kojima
来源:[J].International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2018, (4), pp.484-492WIT出版社
摘要:The risk of levee overtopping has increased because of the frequency of severe rain storm due to climate change. Flow depth over levees is a design parameter that must be considered, but standards have not been agreed on. In this study, the mechanisms of levee overtopping ar...
作者:Taiwo J. Adedeji , David G. Proverbs , Hong Xiao ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2018, (4), pp.493-504WIT出版社
摘要:Resilience is a multifaceted field of study that has been addressed by different disciplines and has been the subject of extensive research. Despite this vast body of research, there is no agreement on a single definition among researchers. Resilience in the context of flooding h...
作者:Mariana Marchioni , Gianfranco Becciu
来源:[J].International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 2018, (4), pp.473-483WIT出版社
摘要:Urbanization alters the hydrological cycle increasing surface runoff water volume and peak flow. The traditional approach on urban drainage is being updated to an integrated approach of managing the water on its source. This study proposes a strategy based on urban retrofit of im...


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