作者:Vincent Bohlinger
来源:[J].Short Film Studies, 2020, Vol.10 (2), pp.141-144
摘要:This article examines Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger in relation to the aesthetics of Andy Warhol’s own filmmaking and contemporaneous American television commercials. I point to how the film’s design – including the single long take, ambient sound, and Warhol’s perform...
作者:Alberto Zambenedetti
来源:[J].Short Film Studies, 2020, Vol.10 (2), pp.225-229
摘要:This film belongs to a long tradition of ‘moment of death’ narratives, including Robert Enrico’s 1961 adaptation of ‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’ ([1890] 2011) by Ambrose Bierce. The article will discuss how these narratives engage with time and mortality, an...
作者:Paula Quigley
来源:[J].Short Film Studies, 2020, Vol.10 (2), pp.203-206
摘要:Like the protagonist, both the short story and the short film are subject to the demand to arrive ‘on time’. Violently freed from the imperatives of conventional storytelling, this film considers the moment when the laws of time and language fall away in favour of an eternal...
作者:Michael Betancourt
来源:[J].Short Film Studies, 2020, Vol.10 (2), pp.145-148
摘要:Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger evokes an empirical gaze that is not transcendental or metaphysical, but specifically about the physical body and its responses. This documentary impulse focuses directly on how the audience imposes order on what they see.
作者:Martin P. Rossouw
来源:[J].Short Film Studies, 2020, Vol.10 (2), pp.215-218
摘要:Bullet in the Brain adapts the key rhetorical figure of apophasis from Tobias Wolff’s short story into a remarkable interrelation between sound and picture: an ‘audiovisual apophasis’, in which a series of memories negated by voice-over narration finds visual expression...
作者:Paul March-Russell
来源:[J].Short Film Studies, 2020, Vol.10 (2), pp.211-214
摘要:Taking as a touchstone A. L. Kennedy’s observation about the disproportionate impact of the short story compared to its size, this article explores the extent to which David Von Ancken’s adaptation of Tobias Wolff’s text finds, via montage and perspective, a cinematic a...


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