作者:Sonia Camallonga
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.95-114FahrenHouse
摘要:The urban space is configured through a complex interactive, collective and dynamic development. Young people, like the rest, should be able to participate in its production from their uniqueness. However, the urban reality shows that these processes tend to promote the exclusion...
作者:Paul Morris , Domingo Barroso-Hurtado
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.45-72FahrenHouse
摘要:During the past three decades, an influential network of contemporary providers of comparative education has emerged, formed by global agencies, consultants, multinational companies and think tanks. Its aim is to identify best practices in high-performance systems to recomme...
作者:Christian Ydessen , Karen Egedal Andreasen
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.1-24FahrenHouse
摘要:This article takes as its starting point the idea that contemporary education is characterised by the presence of a global testing culture. The global testing culture reflects the fact that students’ learning outcomes and learning standards are at the centre of policymakers’...
作者:Lucrecia Rodrigo
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.73-94FahrenHouse
摘要:PISA has become one of the main programs for measuring student performance worldwide. In the last of its editions, in 2015, more than 60 countries participated in the evaluation. The purpose of PISA is to evaluate every three years the performance of students who are completing t...
作者:Susana Gómez Redondo , Juan R. Coca
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.219-234FahrenHouse
摘要:In this article, we initiate a reflection about the possible epistemic pillars of metadidactics. The objective is to obtain a kind of configuration of a proper epistemic corpus for general and specific didactics, which can be shared and identifiable of this knowledge. This i...
作者:Vanessa García Díaz
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.197-218FahrenHouse
摘要:In the higher education setting, academic writing is a valid way to produce knowledge. Therefore, the design practices, based on a visual language where writing plays an auxiliary role, could be threatened. Using an academic literacies approach, interested in studying what counts...
作者:Eloísa Bordoli , Miriam Márquez
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.25-44FahrenHouse
摘要:The article aims to analyze the new configurations of sense that international and standardized assessments of learning – as the Pisa test driven by the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development – produce in the pedagogical field. In particular, the interest is i...
作者:Emiliano Urteaga Urías , Juan Arturo Padilla Carrasco , Emilia Negrete Philippe ...
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.300-326FahrenHouse
摘要:Based on an epistemology of invisibility, this research looks for open up an everyday educational life grounded knowledge (Jackson, 1999), without violating the complexity of the experience. Research framework is a way to do that we call Open Classroom (OC): its aim is to le...
作者:Àngela Janer Hidalgo
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.235-258FahrenHouse
摘要:Currently, social pedagogy still has to face a series of controversial issues that generates a great difficulty in the development of a universally accepted definition. In turn, social pedagogy responds to social, political and cultural approaches in each country, which concept h...
作者:Zaida Espinosa Zárate
来源:[J].January-June, 2019, Vol.17 (26), pp.175-196FahrenHouse
摘要:In this article we conduct a theoretical analysis of memory and resilience in an educational sense in order to examine the importance that should be placed on teaching practices that are aimed at promoting these qualities in the learner at any educational stage. The relevance of ...


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