Exeley 公司
作者:Krzysztof GASKA , Agnieszka GENEROWICZ , Izabela ZIMOCH ...
来源:[J].Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, 2018, Vol.10 (4), pp.141-151Exeley 公司
摘要:The article presents the concept of an intelligent system of multithreaded, hierarchical predictive control of water supply and sewage networks using a parallel computational architecture. The predominant element of the proposed control system over other hitherto functioning syst...
作者:Adam GUMIŃSKI , Marcin KŁOS , Jolanta GUMIŃSKA
来源:[J].Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, 2018, Vol.10 (4), pp.123-131Exeley 公司
摘要:Granular activated carbon (GAC) is used for removing an excessive amount of organic contaminants causing undesirable taste, odour or colour of water, and refractive micropollutants, such as heavy metals or toxic organic compounds. However, adsorption is one of the most expensive ...
来源:[J].Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, 2018, Vol.10 (4), pp.133-140Exeley 公司
摘要:Heat gains from the sun affect the heat balance of building by reducing the energy demand at certain periods of the year and increasing it at others. Windows, especially the type of glazing, are a determining factor in the successful use of solar gains. The aim of the resear...
来源:[J].Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, 2018, Vol.10 (4), pp.153-161Exeley 公司
摘要:In this work, attention has been paid to the problem of quality of groundwater, which is the main source of supply of drinking water for rural inhabitants. In particular, the important factors for the groundwater quality in rural areas have been presented. This paper also sh...
作者:Jan KACZMARCZYK , Aleksandra LIPCZYŃSKA , Przemysław KATEUSZ
来源:[J].Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, 2018, Vol.10 (4), pp.163-171Exeley 公司
摘要:The indoor environment determines the occupants’ comfort and significantly affects the energy consumed for heating and ventilating the building premises. Therefore, the proper complex thermal diagnostics of existing buildings requires a fair assessment of indoor environment ...
作者:Agnieszka WIATER
来源:[J].Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, 2018, Vol.10 (4), pp.115-120Exeley 公司
摘要:The main goal of the paper is the presentation of research works on static and fatigue behaviour of LWC (lightweight concrete) deck slab reinforced with GFRP (glass fibre reinforced polymer) rebars. The structural LWC with lytag type aggregate has been used for slab casting. The ...
作者:B. J. Ward
来源:[J].South Australian Geographical Journal, 2018, Vol.111 (i_current), pp.98-99Exeley 公司
作者:Alex Martin
来源:[J].South Australian Geographical Journal, 2018, Vol.112 (i_current), pp.5-22Exeley 公司
摘要:Terroir is the idea that the geographical area in which grapes are grown—its climate, geography, soil structure and mineral composition, vine adaptations, and so on—is manifest in the physical composition of wine. This paper presents a new perspective on the concept of terro...


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