作者:Anat Keinan , Silvia Bellezza , Neeru Paharia
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.58-61Elsevier
摘要:Research on symbolic consumption and status signaling has primarily examined how consumers spend money on possessions that display their identity and status. We review research suggesting that the way in which consumers spend their time can also serve as a form of conspicuou...
作者:Alice Lee-Yoon , Ashley V Whillans
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.54-57Elsevier
摘要:Time is a finite and precious resource, and the way that we value our time can critically shape happiness. In this article, we present a conceptual framework to explain when valuing time can enhance versus undermine wellbeing. Specifically, we review the emotional benefits of val...
作者:Cristobal Young , Julia L Melin
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.23-27Elsevier
摘要:Time is a network good: the value of time depends on whether others also have it. We can deepen our understanding of time from a comparison with other network goods like personal computers, Facebook, and communications technology that derive their value from widely shared usage. ...
作者:Abbie J Shipp , Brad Aeon
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.37-43Elsevier
摘要:We review recent findings on temporal focus — the degree to which individuals think about the past, present, and/or future. Hypothetically, focusing on each time period could be beneficial as one can learn from the past, savor the present moment, and plan for the future. Yet...
作者:Selin A Malkoc , Gabriela N Tonietto
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.49-53Elsevier
摘要:Feeling time-pressed has become ubiquitous. Time management strategies have emerged to help individuals fit in more of their desired and necessary activities. We provide a review of these strategies. In doing so, we distinguish between two, often competing, motives people have in...
作者:Hengchen Dai , Claire Li
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.44-48Elsevier
摘要:Temporal landmarks, or moments that stand out in time, structure people's perceptions and use of time. We highlight recent research examining how both experiencing and anticipating temporal landmarks impact motivation and goal pursuit. Experiencing a temporal landmark may pr...
作者:Daniel S Hamermesh
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.1-4Elsevier
摘要:I describe an economic approach to studying time use. The literature has applied this approach to analyzing: differences and changes in work time; the gender division of chores; the determinants of the split of time outside work; differences in time use and time stress by earning...
作者:Anthony M Evans , David G Rand
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.67-71Elsevier
摘要:We review two fundamentally different ways that decision time is related to cooperation. First, studies have experimentally manipulated decision time to understand how cooperation is related to the use of intuition versus deliberation. Current evidence supports the claim that tim...
作者:Adelle X Yang , Christopher K Hsee
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.15-18Elsevier
摘要:The elapse of time disregards the human will. Yet different uses of time result in distinct perceptions of time and psychological consequences. In this article, we synthesize the growing research in psychology on the actual and perceived consumption of time, with a focus on idlen...
作者:Melanie Rudd
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.5-10Elsevier
摘要:This review highlights recent research on time shortage, which has been broadly classified into three streams. Building upon decades of time use survey and diary findings, the trends and demographics stream document the latest longitudinal changes in perceptions of time shortage ...


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