作者:Caitlin E Titus , Katrina J Speed , Patricia M Cartwright ...
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.59-62Elsevier
摘要:The suicide rate in the United States has climbed each year for more than a decade, highlighting the need for greater understanding of, and prevention strategies for suicidal behavior. Nightmares have been shown to be associated with suicidal behavior independent of several psych...
作者:Caroline Silva , Kimberly A Van Orden
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.44-49Elsevier
摘要:Suicide ideation and behavior among U.S. Hispanics has increased notably in the last decade, especially among youth. Suicide risk increases across generations of Hispanics, with risk greatest amongst U.S.-born Hispanics. Acculturative stress has been linked to increased risk for ...
作者:E David Klonsky , Boaz Y Saffer , Craig J Bryan
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.38-43Elsevier
摘要:This review provides a conceptual and empirical update regarding ideation-to-action theories of suicide. These theories — including the interpersonal theory (IPTS), integrated motivational–volitional model (IMV), three-step theory (3ST), and fluid vulnerability theory (FVT) ...
作者:Alexis M May , Sarah E Victor
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.1-6Elsevier
摘要:Suicide capability is one of few risk factors associated with suicide attempts among ideators. In the decade since the Interpersonal Psychological Theory of Suicide introduced the concept of acquired capability (i.e. the ability to face the fear and pain associated with death), u...
作者:Claire Houtsma , Sarah E Butterworth , Michael D Anestis
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.7-11Elsevier
摘要:Firearms are utilized in approximately half of all US suicides, making them a serious public health concern and a target of suicide prevention efforts. Practical capability influences the transition from suicidal ideation to action and is particularly relevant to firearm suicide....
作者:April R Smith , Kelly L Zuromski , Dorian R Dodd
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.63-67Elsevier
摘要:Suicide is the second leading cause of death among individuals with anorexia nervosa (AN), and suicidal behavior is elevated in bulimia nervosa (BN) and binge eating disorder (BED) relative to the general population. This paper reviews the suicidality literature within each ED, a...
作者:Craig J Bryan , David C Rozek
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.27-32Elsevier
摘要:In response to elevated suicide rates among U.S. military personnel, increased attention has focused on developing effective suicide prevention intervention strategies. Accumulating evidence from a series of recently-completed clinical trials focused on the treatment of suicide r...
作者:Rory C O’Connor , Gwendolyn Portzky
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.12-17Elsevier
摘要:Suicide and suicidal behavior are major public health concerns. As a result, a number of psychological models have been developed to better understand the emergence of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. One such model is the integrated motivational–volitional model, a t...
作者:Evan M Kleiman , Matthew K Nock
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.33-37Elsevier
摘要:One of the greatest challenges to understanding, predicting, and preventing suicide is that we have never had the ability to observe and intervene upon them as they unfold in real-time. Recently developed real-time monitoring methods are creating new opportunities for scient...
作者:Michael S McCloskey , Brooke A Ammerman
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018, Vol.22, pp.54-58Elsevier
摘要:Studies of suicidal behavior among those with aggression-related disorders (i.e. intermittent explosive disorder, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and conduct disorder) were examined. The presence of an aggressive disorder generally increased...


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