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作者:Aref Shirazi , Adel Shirazy , Shahab Saki ...
来源:[J].Journal of Geological Resource and Engineering, 2018, Vol.6 (3)DPC
摘要:In general, the purpose of the mineralization modeling is the advancement of a mineral exploration project and ultimately, the extractive design of a deposit, which is one of the most important stages in mining engineering. Mineralization modeling is divided into two general cate...
作者:Maksym A. Bogdasarov , Georgii I. Rudko
来源:[J].Journal of Geological Resource and Engineering, 2018, Vol.6 (3)DPC
摘要:Geological and evolutionary concept of the genesis of fossil resins: Fossil resins are a special group of natural organic compounds. The work is devoted to the determination of special features of formation, distribution, properties, composition of different types of fossil resin...
作者:David M. Moerdyk
来源:[J].Journal of Geological Resource and Engineering, 2018, Vol.6 (3)DPC
摘要:Is it coincidence that two of the largest outpourings of lava in Earth’s history, the Deccan Traps and Siberian Traps, occurred simultaneously with the Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) and Permian-Triassic (PT) extinctions respectively? Either the outpourings of lava caused the exti...
作者:Hari Ram Parajuli , Rajesh Kumar Shrestha
来源:[J].Journal of Geological Resource and Engineering, 2018, Vol.6 (3)DPC
摘要:The main target of the study is to generate artificial earthquake time histories which are compatible with real earthquakes. A simple frequency-domain method for generating time histories from the given response spectrum is presented in this research. Weighted average response sp...
作者:Mou-Chung Tseng , Chien-Wen Peng
来源:[J].Psychology Research, 2018, Vol.8 (7)DPC
摘要:In view of the lack of financial aid and the migration of industries, the role of local governments shifted from social reproduction to development and production, which made the development of the local economy their main responsibility. The local governments hence have to ...
作者:Gila Cohen Zilka
来源:[J].Psychology Research, 2018, Vol.8 (7)DPC
摘要:The study was designed to examine the effectiveness of mentors’ work with immigrant children and adolescents at risk, using the Elements Way, an educational model designed to facilitate achievement of goals and transformation. The three central elements of the method are pos...
作者:Daniela Blank , Ruth Weizel , Markus Witzmann
来源:[J].Psychology Research, 2018, Vol.8 (7)DPC
摘要:A joint crisis plan is a written consensus-orientated agreement between mental health service users and professionals. The instrument is used to regulate a potential future hospital treatment. At the Clinics of Upper Bavaria (kbo-Kliniken des Bezirks Oberbayern) representati...
作者:Hanna Brycz , Mirosław Brejwo , Małgorzata Imach
来源:[J].Psychology Research, 2018, Vol.8 (7)DPC
摘要:Based on metacognition theories we present a construct of metacognitive self (MCS) as self-awareness of biases. Contrary to counterintuitive idea metacognitive self fosters self-regulation in the area of goal’s attainment. Study 1 (N = 118) showed that high metacognitive sel...
作者:Priscila Kaufmann Corrêa
来源:[J].Psychology Research, 2018, Vol.8 (7)DPC
摘要:The writers of this study are the Countess de Ségur, Louisa May Alcott and Maria Clarice Marinho Villac, from France, the United States and Brazil, respectively. It’s possible to identify a connection in their life trajectories―aristocratic and bourgeois families―and th...
作者:Li Zhijuan , Chen Qiang
来源:[J].China-USA, 2018, Vol.17 (5)DPC
摘要:With the needs of global economic integration and personal development, the enthusiasm of the people for learning foreign languages has increased. Foreign language economics has become a new growth point for China’s economic development. Foreign language education has also p...


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