Inderscience 出版公司
作者:C. Jeyalakshmi , A. Revathi
来源:[J].Int. J. of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, 2018, Vol.26 (1), pp.84-100Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:This paper presents the development of the robust speech recognition system for the children with hearing impairment. It is a challenging task to recognise the distorted speeches of the hearing impaired since the characteristics of the speeches uttered by these people normally ha...
作者:Elías Jorge Matta
来源:[J].Int. J. of Environment and Health, 2018, Vol.9 (1), pp.84-109Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:In November 2016, Uruguay and Argentina released a joint report on the results of the monitoring of the Uruguay River, Gualeguaychú River and UPM pulp mill effluent. Data analysis from that report disclosed five key facts: 1) The mill effluent flow remained practically const...
作者:Muhammad Esyam Bin Adip , Darius El Pebrian
来源:[J].Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2018, Vol.28 (4), pp.421-432Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:The labour shortage and rising of fertiliser prices that is being faced by the oil palm plantation industries in Malaysia becomes challenging problems in their operations to achieve sustainability of economic and productivity. Thus, mechanisation has been adopted as an alter...
作者:Nadya Shafeeq Al-Mannaee , James C. Ryan
来源:[J].Int. J. of Work Organisation and Emotion, 2018, Vol.9 (1), pp.107-124Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:This study examines the factors that contribute to competency model effectiveness from a trainee perspective. The reaction level of the Kirkpatrick evaluation of training is used to create a theoretical framework of the relationships between the competency model design of employe...
作者:Saptarsi Goswami , Amlan Chakrabarti , Basabi Chakraborty
来源:[J].Int. J. of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 2018, Vol.10 (3), pp.305-326Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:Feature selection is one of the most important pre-processing steps for a data mining, pattern recognition or machine learning problem. Features get eliminated because either they are irrelevant, or they are redundant. As per literature study, most of the approaches combine the a...
作者:Laura Márquez-Ramos
来源:[J].Int. J. of Global Warming(IF 0.588), 2018, Vol.14 (2), pp.143-158Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:The aim of this research is two-fold. Firstly, to introduce a trilemma of a global sustainable energy system and, secondly, to perform a quantitative assessment of the effect of renewables on the environmental impacts of electricity generation, taking into account the existing di...
作者:P. Madhu , H. Kanagasabapathy , I. Neethi Manickam
来源:[J].Int. J. of Energy Technology and Policy, 2018, Vol.14 (1), pp.20-33Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:Pyrolysis process offers solution to utilise huge quantity of biomass to produce fuel for energy needs. This paper describes the development of a new model for waste cotton shell pyrolysis. This model calculates the minimum fluidisation velocity for various sand particles fo...
作者:Zulfukar Ali Ahmed , Dinesh Kumar Sharma
来源:[J].Int. J. of Renewable Energy Technology, 2018, Vol.9 (1/2), pp.118-135Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:Internal combustion (IC) engines emit harmful gases such as HC, CO2, and NOx, etc. Search is on for better alternatives to the fossil fuels and engine modifications are also being tried to lower the harmful emissions. NOx is very toxic gas and is responsible for very horrible eff...
作者:E. Romano , D. Iuliano
来源:[J].Int. J. of Procurement Management, 2018, Vol.11 (1), pp.53-75Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:Simulation modelling is a useful tool to produce a quantitative decision support in different application areas. It is extremely useful for predicting the constant changes that take place in a highly dynamic context such as that of services. This paper examines the widespread pro...
作者:Chen Zhou , Liu Lin , Quan Wang
来源:[J].Int. J. of Service and Computing Oriented Manufacturing, 2018, Vol.3 (2/3), pp.226-234Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:An alarm device consisting of data collection module, control module and radio frequency module for locating people submerged beneath water is investigated. By combining the magnetic field distribution information and acceleration sensor, the alarm device is able to simulate subm...


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