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作者:Ray Gabriel , Danniella Sherwood
来源:[J].Arachnology, 2020, Vol.18 (4), pp.301-316
摘要:The taxonomic placement of species within the genus Pseudhapalopus Strand, 1907 is addressed and revised in a modern context alongside other similar taxa. The genotype Pseudhapalopus aculeatus Strand, 1907 is proposed as a species inquirenda . Cymbiapophysa gen. nov. is establish...
作者:Hay Wijnhoven , Salvatore Canu , Jochen Martens
来源:[J].Arachnology, 2020, Vol.18 (4), pp.363-367
摘要:New records of the small, enigmatic harvestman Dicranopalpus brevipes are presented, the male is redescribed and the female is described for the first time. The species originates from Sicily, while the novel findings are from Sardinia, where it may have been introduced by man. P...
作者:Ryszard Szadziewski , Patrycja Dominiak , Phil Withers
来源:[J].Annales Zoologici(IF 0.66), 2020, Vol.70 (1), pp.113-120
摘要:Two new species of biting midges are described and illustrated from West Palaearctic. They are: Forcipomyia ( F .) pyrenaica sp. nov. from France (Pyrenees-Orientales) and Monohelea mediterranea sp. nov. from France (Pyrenees-Orientales) and North Algeria (Sahara).
作者:A. Radchenko
来源:[J].Annales Zoologici(IF 0.66), 2020, Vol.70 (1), pp.109-111
摘要:A new species from the extinct ant genus Eocenomyrma , E. groehni sp. nov. , is described based on worker from the Baltic amber (Late Eocene, Priabonian stage, 33.9–37.2 Ma). It the most resembles E. orthospina Dlussky et Radchenko, 2006 by shape of the propodeal spines and ...
作者:Zeeshan A. Mirza
来源:[J].Arachnology, 2020, Vol.18 (4), pp.316-324
摘要:The buthid scorpion Janalychas tricarinatus Simon, 1884 is a species distributed in most parts of the Indian peninsula. I assessed morphological and molecular data for representatives of this species from peninsular India, which hints at the presence of multiple species with...
作者:Dmitri V. Logunov , Alexander V. Ponomarev
来源:[J].Arachnology, 2020, Vol.18 (4), pp.329-332
摘要:A new species of the jumping spiders, Dendryphantes alanicus n. sp. (♂), from the northern Caucasus (Russia) is diagnosed, illustrated and described. A brief discussion of the state of knowledge of the genus Dendryphantes C. L. Koch, 1837 and other dendryphantine genera in t...
作者:Alireza Zamani , Yuri M. Marusik
来源:[J].Arachnology, 2020, Vol.18 (4), pp.368-386
摘要:Agelenini occurring in Iran and Tajikistan are reviewed. As a result, four new genera are established: Persiscape gen. n. , to include P. caspica sp. n. (♂♀, Mazandaran, northern Iran), P. ecbatana sp. n. (♂♀, Hamedan, western Iran), P. nassirkhanii sp. n. (♂, Lore...
作者:Zingisile Mbo , Charles R. Haddad
来源:[J].Arachnology, 2020, Vol.18 (4), pp.325-328
摘要:Embrik Strand described a large number of spiders from the Afrotropical Region. We examined the type specimens of two poorly known species from the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, which have never been redescribed or illustrated. Clubiona ruandana Strand, 1916 (Clubionidae) i...
作者:Hong Pang , Xue-Fei Tang , Adam Ślipiński
来源:[J].Annales Zoologici(IF 0.66), 2020, Vol.70 (1), pp.25-32
摘要:A new species of Noviini, Novius marek Ślipiński and Pang sp. nov. is described from New Caledonia. It is the largest known species of the genus, easily recognised by its size, very flat body and zigzag darker pattern on yellowish-brown elytra. A key to the New Caledonian sp...
作者:Mengjie Jin , Roger de Keyzer , Paul Hutchinson ...
来源:[J].Annales Zoologici(IF 0.66), 2020, Vol.70 (1), pp.33-96
摘要:Australian fauna of the tribe Macrotomini Thomson, 1861 is revised, and 37 species in 16 genera are recognised, illustrated and discussed. Keys to the species are provided. Based on the morphological characters and our previous molecular phylogenetic studies, the following new sp...


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