作者:Claire Ainsley
来源:[B].Policy Press2019JSTOR
摘要:Recent events such as the Brexit vote and the 2017 general election result highlight the erosion of traditional class identities and the decoupling of class from political identity. The majority of people in the UK still identify as working class, yet no political party today can...
作者:Victor Jeleniewski Seidler
来源:[B].Policy Press2019JSTOR
摘要:After the shock decision to leave the EU in 2016, what can we learn about our divided and increasingly unequal society and the need to listen to each other? This engaging and accessible book addresses the causes and implications of Brexit, exploring this moral anger against polit...
作者:Jorge Villalón Donoso , Alexander Vega Lugo
来源:[B].Editorial Universidad del Norte2019JSTOR
摘要:Con este cuarto tomo de las Obras completas de José Agustín Blanco Barros culmina un cuidadoso trabajo, desarrollado a lo largo de una década, por los profesores Jorge Villalón y Alexander Vega, y que permitió recopilar toda la producción bibliográfica de este autor, un...
作者:Timothy D. Watt
来源:[B].Boydell & Brewer2019JSTOR
摘要:This book explores the connexion between collective action, popular politics and policing in Ireland from the end of the Williamite war in 1691 to the outbreak of the Whiteboy agrarian protest in 1761. It considers the impact made by the people who maintained order - civilian off...
来源:[B].Boydell & Brewer2019JSTOR
摘要:The complicated situation which led to the American entry into the First World War in 1917 is often explained from the perspective of public opinion, US domestic politics, or financial and economic opportunity. This book, however, reasserts the importance of diplomats and diploma...
作者:Matthew Handelman
来源:[B].Fordham University Press2019JSTOR
摘要:This is the first study in English to call into question Horkheimer and Adorno's antagonism toward mathematics and to reveal and recover the lines of critical thought that it covered up.This book shows the surprising yet salient contribution of not only mathematics, but also...
作者:Mette Hjort , Eva Jørholt
来源:[B].Indiana University Press2019JSTOR
摘要:Bringing theory and practice together,African Cinema and Human Rightsargues that moving images have a significant role to play in advancing the causes of justice and fairness. The contributors to this volume identify three key ways in which film can achieve these goals:docum...
来源:[B].Indiana University Press2019JSTOR
摘要:How can teachers introduce Islam to students when daily media headlines can prejudice students' perception of the subject? Should Islam be taught differently in secular universities than in colleges with a clear faith-based mission? What are strategies for discussing Islam and vi...
作者:Verónica Garibotto
来源:[B].Indiana University Press2019JSTOR
摘要:For roughly two decades after the collapse of the military regime in 1983, testimonial narrative was viewed and received as a privileged genre in Argentina. Today, however, academics and public intellectuals are experiencing "memory fatigue," a backlash against the concepts ...


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