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作者:Lionel Smith , Alexandra Popovici
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2019EE
摘要:This review discusses the most important and influential papers in the field of Equity and Trusts. While taking seriously the intimate and historical relationship between English Equity and the law of trusts, it also addresses new and comparative perspectives on the subject, brin...
作者:Jakob de Haan
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2019EE
摘要:This essential research review carefully analyses some of the most influential papers focusing on the relationship between economic and political institutions and economic development. Economic institutions shape economic incentives, such the incentives to become educated, to sav...
作者:William C. Strange
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2019EE
摘要:This research review discusses some of the most essential papers encompassing agglomeration economies. Agglomeration economies are manifested in cities and industry clusters shaping the neighborhoods and the regions that contain them. The review analyses econometric methods and d...
作者:Sam Fankhauser
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2019EE
摘要:Managing climate change requires action on both its causes (reducing emissions) and its consequences (adapting to impacts that can no longer be avoided). Human societies can thrive in many climatic conditions. However, such adaptation is not necessarily smooth, and it cannot be t...


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