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作者:Jack J. Coe , Donald Earl Childress III
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2018EE
摘要:This groundbreaking research review analyses leading work at the intersection of private international law and arbitration. Written by two recognised experts in the field, it covers wide range of topics, from international arbitration agreements and choice of law to the enforceme...
作者:Nanak Kakwani , Hyun Hwa Son
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2018EE
摘要:This research review offers an insight to some of the most important questions economists and policymakers have been grappling over. A substantial amount of research has been carried out using cross-country regression models, resulting in a better and improved understanding of th...
作者:Samuel Cameron
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2018EE
摘要:This incisive review analyses the most influential academic research in a burgeoning subject - the economics of music. The literature stems from both mainstream economics journals as well as pertinent works from accountancy, sociology and management sources. Topics discussed incl...


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