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作者:Eva Hornecker , Luigina Ciolfi , John M. Carroll
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics2019Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:Museums have been a domain of study and design intervention for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) for several decades. However, while resources providing overviews on the key issues in the scholarship have been produced in the fields of museum and visitor studies, no such resource...
作者:Shay Cohen , Graeme Hirst
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies2019Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:Natural language processing (NLP) went through a profound transformation in the mid-1980s when it shifted to make heavy use of corpora and data-driven techniques to analyze language. Since then, the use of statistical techniques in NLP has evolved in several ways. One such exampl...
作者:Ron Metoyer , Kelly Gaither , David Ebert ...
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Visualization2019Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:At the 2016 IEEE VIS Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, a panel of experts from the Scientific Visualization (SciVis) community gathered to discuss why the SciVis component of the conference had been shrinking significantly for over a decade. As the panelists concluded and opened...
作者:Yi Yang , Haiyan Henry Zhang
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Mechanical Engineering2019Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:This book aims to provide the basic theory of fractional calculus and its applications based on practical schemes and approaches, illustrated with applicable engineering and technical examples, especially focusing on the fractional-order controller design. In the development...


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