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作者:Sayavur I. Bakhtiyarov
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Mechanical Engineering2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:Engineering mechanics is one of the fundamental branches of science that is important in the education of professional engineers of any major. Most of the basic engineering courses, such as mechanics of materials, fluid and gas mechanics, machine design, mechatronics, acoust...
作者:Jean Scholtz , David Ebert , Niklas Elmqvist
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Visualization2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:Visual analytics has come a long way since its inception in 2005. The amount of data in the world today has increased significantly and experts in many domains are struggling to make sense of their data. Visual analytics is helping them conduct their analyses. While software deve...
作者:Abhishek Bhattacharjee , Daniel Lustig , Margaret Martonosi
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:This book provides computer engineers, academic researchers, new graduate students, and seasoned practitioners an end-to-end overview of virtual memory. We begin with a recap of foundational concepts and discuss not only state-of-the-art virtual memory hardware and software suppo...


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