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作者:Paola Casti , Arianna Mencattini , Marcello Salmeri ...
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Biomedical Engineering2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:The identification and interpretation of the signs of breast cancer in mammographic images from screening programs can be very difficult due to the subtle and diversified appearance of breast disease. This book presents new image processing and pattern recognition techniques...
作者:Giuseppe Patanè , Brian A. Barsky
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Visual Computing2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:In geometry processing and shape analysis, several applications have been addressed through the properties of the Laplacian spectral kernels and distances, such as commute time, biharmonic, diffusion, and wave distances. Within this context, this book is intended to provide a com...
作者:Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić , Gary Marchionini
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:European digital libraries have existed in diverse forms and with quite different functions, priorities, and aims. However, there are some common features of European-based initiatives that are relevant to non-European communities. There are now many more challenges and chan...


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