作者:Nicola Mobilio and Santo Catapano
来源:[B].Dental Anatomy2018IntechOpen
摘要:Many conditions can alter the occlusal interface, from tooth wear to tooth loss. The masticatory system is constituted by many components that can influence each other like muscles, joints, teeth and nervous system. This implies that (a) every change at occlusal level makes the o...
作者:Ahmed Mourtada Elseman, Sajid, Dong Wei, Ahmed Esmail Shalan, Mohamed Mohamed Rashad and Meicheng Li
来源:[B].Emerging Solar Energy Materials2018IntechOpen
摘要:The power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have been reached the initial value when they emerged as dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) in 2012. Immediately, the interests were drawn in this field worldwide. The researchers have improved the effic...
作者:Shuti Steph Khumalo
来源:[B].Trends in E-learning2018IntechOpen
摘要:Statistics indicate that participation and access to higher education (HE) improved drastically, particularly through distance education. Despite the generosity of the massification of HE, a sizeable number of students do not complete their programs on record time. The major...
作者:Ángel Serrano-Aroca
摘要:Currently, there are many hydrogels used in many important biomedical fields such as therapeutic delivery, contact lenses, corneal prosthesis, bone cements, wound dressing, 3D tissue scaffolds for tissue engineering, etc., due to their excellent biocompatibility and water sorptio...
作者:Daniel Luna, Carlos Otero, María L. Gambarte and Julia Frangella
来源:[B].eHealth - Making Health Care Smarter2018IntechOpen
摘要:Data entry is an obstacle for the usability of electronic health records (EHR) applications and the acceptance of physicians, who prefer to document using “free text”. Natural language is huge and very rich in details but at the same time is ambiguous; it has great dependenc...
作者:Batia Ben-Hador
来源:[B].Organizational Conflict2018IntechOpen
摘要:Social capital (SC) is a comprehensive concept, which refers to benefits derived from social interaction. In organizations, SC can be divided into 3 levels: personal SC, which refers to the benefits the individual receives from personal social connections, inside and outside...
作者:Giammona Gaetano, Pitarresi Giuseppe, Palumbo Fabio Salvatore, Maraldi Susanna, Scarponi Sara and Romanò Carlo Luca
摘要:Bacterial colonization of implanted biomaterials remains one of the most challenging complications in orthopedics and trauma surgery, with extremely high social and economic costs. Antibacterial coating of implants has been advocated by many experts as a possible solution to redu...
作者:Tolosa Leticia Eva and Nicolas María Claudia
来源:[B].Firm Value - Theory and Empirical Evidence2018IntechOpen
摘要:Free float is generally defined as the number of outstanding shares minus the number of shares that are restricted from trading. This restriction comes from the fact that these shares belong strategic investors who do not usually negotiate their holdings. The ownership struc...


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