作者:Catherine Lemière , Olivier Vandenplas
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Occupational asthma (OA) and rhinitis (OR) are prevalent occupational respiratory diseases that are often overlooked. Their diagnosis requires an exhaustive investigation including a thorough history, respiratory function tests and measure of inflammatory markers (where ...
作者:John W. Holloway , Susan L. Prescott
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Genetic factors are important in determining individual susceptibility to allergic disease. At the same time, the early environment plays a critical role in shaping early development, and modifying risk through effects on both the immune system and developing organ syste...
作者:Stephen T. Holgate , Mike Thomas
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Asthma is a common but complex clinical syndrome affecting people of all ages, characterized by variable airflow obstruction, bronchial hyperresponsiveness and airways inflammation, and manifesting as differing phenotypes. The symptoms of asthma are non-specific, and dia...
作者:David B.K. Golden
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Systemic reactions to insect stings are reported by 3% of adults and can be fatal even on the first reaction. Large local reactions are more frequent than systemic reactions, but rarely dangerous. The chance of a systemic reaction to a sting is low (5–10%) in childr...
作者:Simon G.A. Brown , Paul J. Turner
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Anaphylaxis is a severe, immediate-type generalized hypersensitivity reaction affecting multiple organ systems and characterized at its most severe by bronchospasm, upper airway angioedema, hypotension and collapse. Lifetime prevalence is estimated to be 0.05–2%, bu...
作者:Geoffrey A. Stewart , Clive Robinson
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Indoor and outdoor allergen sources contain several allergens. The majority are proteinaceous, although carbohydrate epitopes, particularly α-Gal, may be significant. The most important outdoor allergens are derived from the pollens and fungal spores, and phylogenet...
作者:Anna Nowak-Węgrzyn , A. Wesley Burks , Hugh A. Sampson
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Food allergy affects 6% of US children younger than 5 years and 3.5–4% of the general population. Incidence of peanut allergy has quadrupled over the past decade in the USA. Pathophysiology of food reactions may be IgE-mediated, non-IgE-mediated, or mixed, IgE- and ...
作者:Anca Mirela Chiriac , Jean Bousquet , Pascal Demoly
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract One and a half centuries after the first attempt to perform skin testing using pollen allergens, skin tests remain the most readily available tool to diagnose IgE-mediated hypersensitivity. They are simple, quick to perform, low cost, and highly sensitive, which explains...
作者:Clive E.H. Grattan , Sarbjit S. Saini
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2017Elsevier
摘要:Abstract Urticaria is a mast cell mediated disease characterized by hives, angioedema, or both. It can be spontaneous, inducible or mixed. Chronic spontaneous urticaria may be autoimmune or idiopathic. The cause of inducible urticarias is unknown although the eliciting trigger ca...


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