Emerald Book
作者:Robin L. Dale
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:RLG is a not-for-profit international alliance of about 160 members, including universities and colleges, national and public research libraries, archives, historical societies, museums, and independent research collections devoted to improving access to information that supports...
作者:Meg Bellinger , Pam Kircher , Taylor Surface ...
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:On August 26, 1971, OCLC introduced the online union catalog and shared cataloging system. During the 1970s, OCLC focused its efforts on creating and expanding the online cataloging system and telecommunications network. It added an online interlibrary loan system in 1979. I...
作者:Karen F. Gracy , Michèle Valerie Cloonan
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:Moving images represent a category of material which has historically received short shrift in most libraries and archives. Film, video, and now digital images form a significant part of many library and archival collections, however, and can be found in many formats and gen...
作者:Michael Seadle
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:The simplest part of sound preservation involves technology and its application. The real complexities lie in a mix of social legal, and financial issues. The social issues include how archivists, curators, librarians, historians, or anyone with limited engineering, computing, an...
作者:Whitney Pape , Eric C. Shoaf
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:Preservation activities have existed in libraries since the early days of librarianship, but these efforts were mostly decentralized and buried in the work of many different departments. Not until the 1970s did library organizations begin to add preservation to organizational cha...
作者:Catherine Murray-Rust
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:Library storage is traditionally viewed as a space management strategy, a way of dealing with overcrowded buildings and growing collections. Storage also is implicitly a preservation strategy: an alternative to weeding, cramming books tightly on shelves, stacking them on the floo...
作者:M. Elizabeth Cowell
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) is a very significant program and is worth defending. Unique in its purpose to keep citizens informed of the workings of government, the Government Printing Office (GPO), along with the network of Federal Depository Libraries, provide...
作者:Valerii P. Leonov , Irina M. Belayaeva , Julia P. Nyuksha
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:Founded by Peter the Great in 1714, the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences (BAN—Biblioteka Akademii Nauk) is the first library of Russia open to the public. At present it is the main scientific library of the Russian Academy of Sciences and due to the size and value ...
作者:Nancy M. Bolt , Lisa Cole
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2009Emerald
摘要:Come, Madam But I don't have my shoes on. Come, Madam.


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