作者:Katrine L. Bang
来源:[B].Agriculture Issues and Policies2020
摘要:This compilation opens with a summary of current studies on the efficiency of biocides used as sanitizers in the food industry. Improper use of biocides in the food industry can lead to sublethal exposure, resulting in a major risk of microbial adaptation and cross-adaptation of ...
作者:Alan E. Singer
来源:[B].Political Science and History2020
摘要:This book is an augmented adaptation of the author’s 2018 book Understanding Left and Right (Nova). It further reinforces the message that sustained truth-seeking leads people toward the political center. Each chapter offers divide-bridging discussions of issues such as regu...
作者:Yaning Zhang
来源:[B].Energy Science, Engineering and Technology2020
摘要:Biomass gasification has received tremendous research attention all over the world because (a) biomass is abundant, diverse, renewable, and environmentally friendly, (b) the produced biogas/syngas is clean, versatile, efficient, and easily controllable, and (c) the system used is...
作者:Leon V. Berhardt
来源:[B].Advances in Medicine and Biology2020
摘要:Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 161 first discusses the relationship between varicocele and sperm DNA methylation status. Varicocele is a major cause of male infertility where increased testicular temperature, oxidative stresses, abnormal chromatin packaging and reduced ...
作者:Dennis S. Krogh
来源:[B].Environmental Research Advances2020
摘要:Landslides: Monitoring, Susceptibility and Management opens with a presentation of the application of geographic information system -based statistical modeling in the delineation of landslide susceptible zones for Rani Khola River basin of Sikkim Himalayas, India, by combining va...
作者:Elias B. Toft
来源:[B].Pharmacology - Research, Safety Testing and Regulation2020
摘要:Chapter 1 examines the actions of drug companies in raising prescription drug prices in the United States, as well as the effects of these actions on the Federal and state budgets, and on American families.Chapter 2 addresses frequently asked questions about government and p...
作者:Frederik L. Sørensen
来源:[B].Computer Science, Technology and Applications2020
摘要:An enterprise architecture is an instrument that focuses on coherence between business processes, information distribution, and technology infrastructure of an organization. In this compilation, the authors begin by creating and subsequently discussing an artifact that provides a...
作者:Jordon Conrad
来源:[B].Human Anatomy and Physiology2020
摘要:The Temporomandibular Joint: Structure, Function and Clinical Significance extensively describes the temporomandibular joint and its components, with a focus on anatomy and physiology, for an essential comprehensive view of the overall structure.A systematization of temporomandib...
作者:Nadia M. Hedegaard
来源:[B].Health Care in Transition2020
摘要:Medicaid, a joint federal-state health care financing program, is one of the nation’s largest sources of health care coverage for low-income and medically needy individuals. It provides vital health care to over 70 million Americans, regardless of preexisting conditions and ...
作者:Michael Fried
来源:[B].Financial Institutions and Services2020
摘要:This book contains the results of the auditor’s report of the fiscal years 2019 and 2018 financial statement of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.


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