作者:Casey Erickson
来源:[B].Physics Research and Technology2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:An Essential Guide to Maxwell's Equations first reviews the Ranada field line solutions of Maxwell's equations in a vacuum, describing a topologically non-trivial electromagnetic field, as well as their relation with the knot theory. Also, the authors present a generalization of ...
作者:Sherman Howell
来源:[B].Neuroscience Research Progress2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Living with Huntington's Disease: Challenges, Perspectives and Quality of Life first discusses the variety of sleep disorders in Huntington's Disease, as well as how sleep quality can be associated with other important clinical symptoms.Although Huntington's disease is categ...
作者:Orlene Croteau
来源:[B].Nanotechnology Science and Technology2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:In this collection, the authors begin by presenting recent progress and preparation of cellulose nanocrystals. Additionally, different applications of cellulose nanocrystals as polymeric scaffold material, reinforcement fillers, rheology modifiers, and in electronics are reviewed...
作者:Shyamal Roy
来源:[B].Chemical Engineering Methods and Technology2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:The major aspects of aromatic hydrogenation are the production of aromatic-free diesel fuels. Health risks and diesel quality depend on the aromatic compounds that have insisted legislators to improve the quality of the diesel fuel and to reduce the aromatic content in the diesel...
作者:Søren C. Dam
来源:[B].Pharmacology - Research, Safety Testing and Regulation2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:The Pharmacological Guide to Montelukast opens by presenting the most recent updates on the improvement of montelukast stability and bioavailability, along with some innovative formulations produced by this research. Montelukast is a leukotriene modifier with bronchoprotective an...
作者:Dawn L. Hutchinson
来源:[B].American History, Culture and Literature2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:This books links American prosperity literature and business self-help literature in an effort to uncover their connections to concepts of success in American culture. There were hundreds of books published in America between 1880-1920 on success strategies. These strategies...
作者:Meghan Mendoza
来源:[B].Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:The opening chapter Coping with Chronic Illness takes into account the impact of the diagnosis on the family, both at the time of the communication of the diagnosis, and in the moment of chronicity, the relationships and of the social context, the coping strategies and the repres...
作者:Laura Westra
来源:[B].Laws and Legislation2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Please include a 200-500 word descriptive paragraph which we could use for our website posting and brochures should a contract be signed:International law needs to be revised and changed radically because presently it is not able to function to protect human rights as it sho...
作者:Cal Clark
来源:[B].Political Leaders and Their Assessment2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:The commencement of America’s Industrial Revolution in the 1870s set off a “special century” of economic and social progress and transformation. After World War II, the United States created the first middle-class society. Beginning in the 1970s, however, a new transfor...
作者:Joshua R. Chin
来源:[B].Nanotechnology Science and Technology2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:Gold Nanoparticles: Advances in Research and Applications opens by presenting the properties of gold nanoparticles and the necessity of a thermodynamic investigation. The physics of heat generation and heat transfer by diffusion, convection and radiation are examined, and th...


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