Annual Reviews期刊
作者:Michail S. Lionakis , Stuart M. Levitz
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.157-191Annual Reviews
摘要:In the last few decades, the AIDS pandemic and the significant advances in the medical management of individuals with neoplastic and inflammatory conditions have resulted in a dramatic increase in the population of immunosuppressed patients with opportunistic, life-threatening fu...
作者:Ichiro Taniuchi
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.579-601Annual Reviews
摘要:A fundamental question in developmental immunology is how bipotential thymocyte precursors generate both CD4+ helper and CD8+ cytotoxic T cell lineages. The MHC specificity of αβ T cell receptors (TCRs) on precursors is closely correlated with cell fate...
作者:Yu Matsuzawa-Ishimoto , Seungmin Hwang , Ken Cadwell
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.73-101Annual Reviews
摘要:The cellular degradative pathway of autophagy has a fundamental role in immunity. Here, we review the function of autophagy and autophagy proteins in inflammation. We discuss how the autophagy machinery controls the burden of infectious agents while simultaneously limiting inflam...
作者:Kwan T. Chow , Michael Gale , Yueh-Ming Loo
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.667-694Annual Reviews
摘要:Pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) survey intra- and extracellular spaces for pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) within microbial products of infection. Recognition and binding to cognate PAMP ligand by specific PRRs initiates signaling cascades that culminate in a ...
作者:Peter Parham , Lisbeth A. Guethlein
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.519-548Annual Reviews
摘要:Natural killer (NK) cells have vital functions in human immunity and reproduction. In the innate and adaptive immune responses to infection, particularly by viruses, NK cells respond by secreting inflammatory cytokines and killing infected cells. In reproduction, NK cells ar...
作者:Antonio J. Pagán , Lalita Ramakrishnan
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.639-665Annual Reviews
摘要:Granulomas are organized aggregates of macrophages, often with characteristic morphological changes, and other immune cells. These evolutionarily ancient structures form in response to persistent particulate stimuli—infectious or noninfectious—that individual macrophages can...
作者:Jim Kaufman
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.383-409Annual Reviews
摘要:The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is a large genetic region with many genes, including the highly polymorphic classical class I and II genes that play crucial roles in adaptive as well as innate immune responses. The organization of the MHC varies enormously among jawed ...
作者:Andrés Alcover , Balbino Alarcón , Vincenzo Di Bartolo
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.103-125Annual Reviews
摘要:T cell receptors (TCRs) are protein complexes formed by six different polypeptides. In most T cells, TCRs are composed of αβ subunits displaying immunoglobulin-like variable domains that recognize peptide antigens associated with major histocompatibility complex molecules ex...
作者:Danielle A. Chisolm , Amy S. Weinmann
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.221-246Annual Reviews
摘要:Researchers are intensifying efforts to understand the mechanisms by which changes in metabolic states influence differentiation programs. An emerging objective is to define how fluctuations in metabolites influence the epigenetic states that contribute to differentiation pr...
作者:Marthe F.S. Lindenbergh , Willem Stoorvogel
来源:[J].Annual Review of Immunology(IF 36.556), 2018, Vol.36, pp.435-459Annual Reviews
摘要:The initiation and maintenance of adaptive immunity require multifaceted modes of communication between different types of immune cells, including direct intercellular contact, secreted soluble signaling molecules, and extracellular vesicles (EVs). EVs can be formed as microvesic...


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