Annual Reviews期刊
作者:Jeffery T. Ulmer , Mindy S. Bradley
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.337-357Annual Reviews
摘要:Examinations of the Native American experience in the US criminal justice system are still relatively sparse, despite earlier calls for increased attention to Native American crime and justice issues. This is unfortunate, as Native Americans are unique among all groups in US soci...
作者:Justin T. Pickett
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.405-428Annual Reviews
摘要:This article reviews evidence for the effects of public opinion on court decision-making, capital punishment policy and use, correctional expenditures, and incarceration rates. It also assesses evidence about the factors explaining changes over time in public support for punitive...
作者:Dylan J. Fitzpatrick , Wilpen L. Gorr , Daniel B. Neill
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.473-491Annual Reviews
摘要:Predictive analytics in policing is a data-driven approach to ( a) characterizing crime patterns across time and space and ( b) leveraging this knowledge for the prevention of crime and disorder. This article outlines the current state of the field, providing a review of forecast...
作者:May-Len Skilbrei
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.493-508Annual Reviews
摘要:Since the late 1990s, many countries have been debating what prostitution policies to apply, and, particularly in Europe, several have changed the overall approach to the phenomenon and the people involved. Prostitution is more than ever before firmly placed on policy agenda...
作者:Min Xie , Eric P. Baumer
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.217-240Annual Reviews
摘要:Over the past 50 years, researchers in the United States and abroad have debated the inherent inequities within justice systems that contribute to the underreporting of crime to the police. Our review summarizes existing knowledge about victim reporting and outlines new dire...
作者:Kristin Turney , Emma Conner
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.265-290Annual Reviews
摘要:Although jails are both common and consequential, affecting millions of individuals annually, they are a relatively understudied aspect of the criminal justice system. In this review, we first document the prevalence of jail incarceration, highlighting how jail incarceration...
作者:Richard E. Tremblay , Brandon C. Welsh , Geoffrey Sayre-McCord
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.1-20Annual Reviews
摘要:A life-span developmental approach describes Joan McCord's career and highlights her pioneering contributions to criminology and, more broadly, to understanding human development. The main focus of this article is on her exceptional scientific contributions through the assessment...
作者:Angela Irvine-Baker , Nikki Jones , Aisha Canfield
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.321-336Annual Reviews
摘要:Since the early 2000s, state and local policy makers, practitioners, and advocates accelerated existing federal efforts to reform the youth justice system and dramatically reduce the number of youth detained in the juvenile justice system. States across the country achieved these...
作者:Chris Cunneen , Juan Marcellus Tauri
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.359-381Annual Reviews
摘要:This review provides a critical overview of Indigenous peoples’ interactions with criminal justice systems. It focuses on the experiences of Indigenous peoples residing in the four major Anglo-settler-colonial jurisdictions of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United S...
作者:Roland Neil , Christopher Winship
来源:[J].Annual Review of Criminology, 2019, Vol.2, pp.73-98Annual Reviews
摘要:A large body of empirical research exists that attempts to determine whether or not police discriminate on the basis of race. We investigate whether the methods used typically produce valid inferences. We find that they often most likely do not and that results may diverge from r...


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