作者:Trevor Tsz-lok Lee , Stephen Wing-kai Chiu
来源:[J].Young, 2018, Vol.26 (2), pp.161-178Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Learning about political issues through the new core subject of Liberal Studies (LS) in senior secondary education in Hong Kong has become ‘socially problematic’ amid mounting concern of politicians and pundits who see a link between such learning and the recent waves of stu...
作者:Georg Boldt
来源:[J].Young, 2018, Vol.26 (2), pp.108-125Sage国际出版集团
摘要:This article examines youth participation in public decision-making through an ethnographic case study analysing structural factors and agency of participants in a process of participatory budgeting. Deliberative democracy is increasingly offered as a policy solution for civ...
作者:Angel Fettig
来源:[J].Young Exceptional Children, 2018, Vol.21 (1), pp.4-4Sage国际出版集团
作者:Perri Campbell
来源:[J].Young, 2018, Vol.26 (2), pp.145-160Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Following popular youth-led uprisings around the world a large body of literature has emerged focusing on how social media and digital spaces have reinvigorated young people’s engagements with political and social issues. In this article, I explore the ways in which young pe...
作者:Erik Andersson
来源:[J].Young, 2018, Vol.26 (2), pp.179-195Sage国际出版集团
摘要:In established democracies, a public pedagogy challenge for municipalities is to create, integrate and expand opportunities for young people’s political participation in decision-making. These opportunities are guided by different reasons, values and explanations as to why y...
作者:Haibin Li , Dorothy Bottrell , Derrick Armstrong
来源:[J].Young, 2018, Vol.26 (2), pp.126-144Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Drawing on social ecological resilience frameworks, this study added adolescents’ voices to explore how they achieve academic and behavioural competencies despite being in high-risk environments in a Chinese context. Thirty-one 11th grade resilient students (12 male and 19 f...


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