作者:Emma Loosley Leeming
摘要:InArchitecture and AsceticismLoosley Leeming explores the links between Syria and Georgia in late antiquity. The book takes an inter-disciplinary approach and examines the question from archaeological, art historical, historical, literary and theological viewpoints.
作者:Karl A.E. Enenkel , Konrad A. Ottenheym
摘要:This volume explores the various strategies of construing appropriate pasts in scholarship, literature, art, architecture and literature, in order to create “national", regional or local identities, in late medieval and early modern Europe.
作者:Ulbe Bosma , Karin Hofmeester , Marcel van der Linden
摘要:The Life Work of a Labor Historian: Essays in honor of Marcel van der Linden, presents the latest developments in the global history of labor, work and workers, and of capitalism and its critics.
作者:Fabrice Bensimon , Quentin Deluermoz , Jeanne Moisand
摘要:"Arise Ye Wretched of the Earth"provides a fresh account of the International Working Men's Association. Founded in London in 1864, the First International gathered trade unions, associations, co-operatives, and individual workers across Europe and the Americas.
作者:Maaike van Berkel , Jeroen Duindam , Jeroen Duindam
摘要:A synoptic interpretation of the rulers and elites in Eurasia from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century.
作者:Marie Nedregotten Sørbø
摘要:Can Jane Austen only be fully understood in English? InJane Austen Speaks Norwegian, Sørbø compares novels and their translations, while also discussing the strategies chosen by translators of literature.
作者:Carole Ammann , Till Förster
摘要:This volume explores some of the complex development challenges associated with the recent and rapid pace of urbanisation across Africa. The transition from a predominantly rural to urban population over the next decade may prompt new approaches and policy responses from the inte...
作者:Kathrin Herrmann , Kimberley Jayne
摘要:Animal experimentation has been one of the most controversial areas of animal use, mainly due to the intentional harms inflicted upon animals for the sake of hoped-for benefits in humans. Despite this rationale for continued animal experimentation, shortcomings of this practice h...
作者:Dirk Jacob Jansen
摘要:In Jacopo Strada and Cultural Patronage at the Imperial Court: Antiquity as Innovation, Dirk Jansen provides a survey of the life and career of the antiquary, architect, and courtier Jacopo Strada (Mantua 1515-Vienna 1588). His manifold activities — also as a publisher and a...
作者:Corinne L. Hofman , Floris W.M. Keehnen
摘要:Material Encounters and Indigenous Transformations in the Early Colonial Americas brings together 15 case studies focusing on the early colonial history and archaeology of indigenous cultural persistence and change in the Caribbean and its surrounding mainland(s) after AD 14...


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