Redfame Institute
作者:NAjib Slimani
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.21-29Redfame Institute
摘要:Realizing that there exists a definite dearth of information on how English televised news discourse is processed by non-native viewers, I seek to examine how Moroccan viewers make sense of Aljazeera 24-hour English (henceforth Aljazeera) news discourse in terms of comprehen...
作者:Richard Perloff
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.49-62Redfame Institute
摘要:This paper is designed to stimulate theory-driven research on the implications of Terror Management Theory (TMT) for a host of intriguing media phenomena. The paper synthesizes previous research, presents a model of TMT influences, and suggests 12 hypotheses for study in diverse ...
作者:Christoph Barmeyer , Jorg Scheffer
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.63-74Redfame Institute
摘要:Films depict the world and convey perspectives on it. The same can be said of the extensively well distributed James Bond film series which has been critically acclaimed and successful for the last several decades from “Dr. No” (1962) to “Spectre” (2015). In 2012, it ce...
作者:Sara Sohr-Preston , Alyssa Lacour , Tyler Brent ...
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.8-20Redfame Institute
摘要:To better understand the content and process of family building blogging, two interrelated studies took place. First, blogs with posts during a designated week were analyzed for content. Then, hosts of active blogs were invited to complete a survey on their blog content and reaso...
作者:Maniou, Theodora , Veglis, Andreas
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.111-118Redfame Institute
摘要:In a world of technological convergence, the fast growing tendency for self-exposure through the digital media and social networks has been steadily gaining ground as a new field for academic study. The so-called ‘selfie’ photographs, one of the most noteworthy phenomena of ...
作者:Denise Duncan
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.1-7Redfame Institute
摘要:Even though theoretical evidence exists that tells of the need for effective communication between banks and their informal sector clients, little seems to be understood about the exact nature of communication between the two. Guided by the two-way symmetrical model and the commu...
作者:Egidijus Vareikis
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.75-81Redfame Institute
摘要:Numerous national and international institutions perform exercises for future prediction. Generally, their “products” are predicting optimistic, politically correct and logic outcome, that is far from reality. European Union (EU) planners generally like to limit themselves o...
作者:Jelena Perovic
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.99-110Redfame Institute
摘要:Updating of the key concepts of media education is absolutely necessary due to the changes introduced by the digital revolution. This article looks into the ways that the key media education concepts are modified in the digital age according to the ongoing, international scientif...
作者:Mikael Jensen
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.30-48Redfame Institute
摘要:A touchpoint is anything in time and space with the purpose to temporarily enable sharing of information and minds to be connected. Since we in our time have many ways to get in touch we are starting to pay more attention on how to manage our available touchpoints for the benefit...
作者:Tsfira Grebelsky-Lichtman
来源:[J].Studies in Media and Communication, 2016, Vol.4 (1), pp.82-98Redfame Institute
摘要:A key issue in interpersonal communication is the interrelation of verbal communication and nonverbal gestures (VCNGs). This study expands the theoretical framework for VCNGs by presenting an advanced framework for VCNGs in parent–child interactions. The study explored both ...


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