作者:Erika Chamberlain
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2010, Vol.4 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:This article analyses Lord Atkin's famous 'neighbour principle' in Donoghue v Stevenson from the perspective of Biblical hermeneutics. It argues that Lord Atkin's reference to the Parable of the Good Samaritan was not mere rhetorical flourish, but part of a more sophisticated att...
作者:Stella Bruzzi
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2010, Vol.4 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:This essay examines Fritz Lang's portrayal and use of justice in his first Hollywood film, Fury (1936) a film in which the main character, Joe Wilson (played by Spencer Tracy) is mistakenly arrested for a crime he did not commit. Lang was one of many notable German émigrés w...
作者:Eric Heinze
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2010, Vol.4 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:Modern systems of state and empire emerge, in the seventeenth century, with little obvious divide between their 'internal' and 'foreign' dimensions. No work of the period probes those twin dynamics more incisively than Jean Racine's early, largely neglected play Alexander the Gre...
作者:Julen Etxabe
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2010, Vol.4 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:The idea that law consists of a set of rules emanating from a sovereign authority is so ingrained in our ordinary ways of thinking about the law that Robert Cover's metaphor of the law as a nomos or universe of meaning may appear as surprising and suggestive today as when he firs...
作者:John C Kleefeld
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2010, Vol.4 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:Over the ages and across the lands, poetry and the law have comingled in courtroom and classroom, debuted together in judicial decisions and dissents, and emerged as one in systems as diverse as the Courts of Equity and the law of the brehons—the poet-judges of ancient Irela...
作者:Paul Raffield , Gary Watt
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2010, Vol.4 (2)Hart Pub
作者:Rex Ferguson
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2010, Vol.4 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:Much recent law and literature scholarship has stressed the inherent connections that existed between novels and trials throughout the Victorian period (Welsh, 1992; Schramm, 2000; Rodensky, 2003). The implication has been that a radical diversion occured in the early twentieth-c...


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