作者:Sharat Kumar
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.36-48Sage国际出版集团
摘要:The role of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in India has to be seen in the historical context. They have played an important role in the country’s development. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) system introduced in these enterprises has gone beyond the original objective ...
作者:T. Brahmanandam
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.103-121Sage国际出版集团
摘要:The article makes a modest attempt in ascertaining the functional aspects of Panchayati Raj Institutions, especially in the aftermath of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment. After a brief review of the history of local self-government in the pre- and post-Independence India, an att...
作者:Dhananjay Rai
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.135-141Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Romila Thapar, Indian Society and the Secular: Essays . Gurgaon: Three Essays Collective, 2016, xiv + 286 pp., ₹500.
作者:Dhanashree Giri , Aman Vats
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.73-86Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Print media plays a significant role during disasters as it is one of the most widely used modes of communicating important information to the masses. Every media has different agenda to highlight in such a scenario. While some media may portray the devastation, others may e...
作者:Mahendra Prasad Singh
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.vii-xSage国际出版集团
作者:Arvind K. Sharma
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.1-14Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Governance, as the term came to be used since the 1980s and the 1990s under the influence of the neo-liberals, is about a minimalist state. It seeks a state rollback on the ground that state is inherently inefficient when compared with the markets. Apart from this, since the...
作者:Ashok Pankaj
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.49-72Sage国际出版集团
摘要:This article examines the scope of discretionary powers of governor of a state in India from federal perspective and argues that they are against the principle of ‘cabinet responsibility’, an essential feature of parliamentary form of government that India intertwined with t...
作者:Md. Shariar Islam
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.15-35Sage国际出版集团
摘要:This article highlights that Bangladesh has not been able to achieve desired success in implementing Public Administration Reform Commission’s (PARC) new public management (NPM)-driven reform recommendations as there are major challenges such as lack of political commitment,...
作者:V. Srinivas
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.131-134Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Duvvuri Subbarao, Who Moved My Interest Rate? Leading the Reserve Bank of India through Five Turbulent Years . Gurgaon: Penguin Publications, 2016, 323 pp., ₹699.
作者:Ninad Shankar Nag
来源:[J].Indian Journal of Public Administration, 2018, Vol.64 (1), pp.122-130Sage国际出版集团
摘要:It is proposed that government, being the tangible expression of the legitimate authority within an organised society, has undegone a long transformational journey since its very emergence. The various evolutionary forms and features of the government have been the product of its...


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