作者:S. Mehdi Hosseini
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2018, Vol.2 (3)Ital出版社
摘要:Nowdays, regarding to the great us of sensitive devices, the quality of the transmitted power, have become an important issue. One of the most important dimension of power quality is magnitude load terminal voltage. Different devices has been designed for voltage sag compensation...
作者:HoseinAli Jafari , Zahra Abbasi , Seyed Javad Azhari
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2017, Vol.1 (3)Ital出版社
摘要:In this paper a new CMOS current-mode four-quadrant analog multiplier circuit is proposed. The major advantages of this design are high linearity, high speed and low power consumption. Removing dc offset is the most important improvement in this topology. The circuit is desi...
作者:Brigitte Schoenemann
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2018, Vol.2 (5)Ital出版社
摘要:The fossil record of arthropod compound eyes reflects different modes and occasions of eye reduction and blindness. In the best-studied fossil examples, the trilobites [trilobites: extinct arthropods, dominant during the Palaeozoic], which have an excellent geological record, eye...
作者:Sayed Ahmadreza Razian , Hossein MahvashMohammadi
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2017, Vol.1 (3)Ital出版社
摘要:Now, there are many codes to generate images using raytracing algorithm, which can run on CPU or GPU in single or multi-thread methods. In this paper, an optimized algorithm has been designed to generate image using raytracing algorithm to run on CPU or GPU in multi-thread algori...
作者:Sergey Gennadevich Baranov
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2018, Vol.2 (4)Ital出版社
摘要:The deviation from perfect bilateral symmetry is a phenomenon actively exploring in evolutionary and environmental studies. The bilateral variation presents on different ecosystem level. The methods applied vary depending on the task and the final goal of study. The present ...
作者:Fernando Almeida
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2018, Vol.2 (1)Ital出版社
摘要:The evolution of information systems and the growth in the use of the Internet and social networks has caused an explosion in the amount of available data relevant to the activities of the companies. Therefore, the treatment of these available data is vital to support operational...
作者:Arash Moradzaeh , Kamran Khaffafi
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2017, Vol.1 (4)Ital出版社
摘要:The use of electric vehicles in addition to reducing environmental concerns can play a significant role in reducing the peak and filling the characteristic valleys of the daily network load. In other words, in the context of smart grids, it is possible to improve the battery of e...
作者:Mahsa Panahbehagh , Mehrdad Hosseini Shakib
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2017, Vol.1 (4)Ital出版社
摘要:This research was conducted to investigate the relation between transformational leadership and staff's attitudes with consideration of the mediating role in psychological empowerment. The purpose was applied type and the method used in this research was descriptive-survey. To co...
作者:Mahmudreza Changizian , Ali Zakerian , Araz Saleki
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2017, Vol.1 (3)Ital出版社
摘要:Inverter systems that feed electrical power from photovoltaic (PV) system into the grid must convert the direct current of the PV array into the alternating current of the grid. In many applications, it is important for a converter to be lightweight, highly reliable, input/output...
作者:Saeed Rastegarian , Ashkan Sharifi
来源:[J].Emerging Science Journal, 2018, Vol.2 (3)Ital出版社
摘要:The main objective of this study is interpreting the probable dependency of structural performance level and its corresponding inter-story drift in conventional RC moment frames. For this purpose, inter-story drift as dependent variable and other structural characteristics such a...


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