来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2011, Vol.5 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:Man's capacity for perpetrating atrocities invites deep consideration of our understanding of human nature and existence and such considerations occur in discourses concerning the nature of individual and collective responsibility, of circumstances of coercion and duress, of the ...
作者:Rebecca Williams
来源:[J].King's Law Journal, 2005, Vol.16 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:Article analysing the decision of the Court of Appeal in Deutsche Morgan Grenfell v Commissioners of Inland Revenue [2005] EWCA Civ 78. The piece argues that unjust enrichment claims involving public bodies cannot be regarded as belonging wholly in private law and that if the cla...
作者:George Williams
来源:[J].Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, 2001, Vol.1 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:The decision of the Court of Appeal of Fiji in Republic of Fiji v Prasad is a landmark in the development of the common law. It sets an important precedent that demonstrates that courts can play a meaningful role in the most lawless of situations, the military coup, in promoting ...


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