来源:[J].King's Law Journal, 2011, Vol.22 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:A review of 'Women Writers and Detectives in Nineteenth-Century Fiction; The Mothers of the Mystery Genre' by Lucy Sussex
来源:[J].Law and Financial Markets Review, 2011, Vol.5 (4)Hart Pub
摘要:A review of 'Principles of International Finance Law' by Colin Banford
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2011, Vol.5 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:A review of 'Legitimacy and Illegitimacy in Nineteenth Century Law, Literature and History' by Margot Finn, Michael Lobban and Jenny Bourne Taylor
作者:Ian Ward
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2009, Vol.3 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:Two intrinsically related questions continue to shape current debate regarding legal education - what is a law school for and what should a law school be teaching? And at their very heart can be found the controversial matter of inter-disciplinarity, the extent to which the study...
作者:Ian Ward
来源:[J].King's Law Journal, 2004, Vol.15 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:The purpose of this essay is to align two pressing questions. The first is the English “question“; a question that carries a very obvious cultural, as well as geo-political charge. The second is the question of constitutional reform; a matter which appears to have gained an ...
作者:Ian Ward
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2007, Vol.1 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:The adage of yesterday's terrorist being tomorrow's freedom fighter is an old, and familiar one. But it has force. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the present debate surrounding the relation of law and terrorism, by investigating one particular historical incidence ...


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