作者:Andrew Scott
来源:[J].The Journal of Media Law, 2010, Vol.2 (1)Hart Pub
摘要:In a recent edition of this journal, Professor Gavin Phillipson considered whether the UK must impose a prior notification obligation on the media in respect of stories that concern the private conduct of individuals. Such a notification requirement would allow time for the subje...
来源:[J].Law and Humanities, 2011, Vol.5 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:A review of 'Legal Architecture: Justice, Due Process and the Place of Law' by Linda Mulcahy
作者:Mullis , Andrew Scott
来源:[J].The Journal of Media Law, 2011, Vol.11 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:The Government has published a draft Defamation Bill and Consultation Paper which invites comment on the Bill itself and a number of other matters. This paper offers a critique of the Bill which in our view fails to take what is an historic opportunity to create a modern law that...
作者:Ilene Knable Gotts , Scott Sher
来源:[J].European Competition Journal, 2008, Vol.4 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:High-technology mergers raise complex antitrust considerations because many technology industries exhibit seemingly contradictory characteristics. In some technology markets, the rapid pace of technological development can facilitate market displacement, such that any “marke...
作者:John Briton , Scott McLean
来源:[J].Legal Ethics, 2008, Vol.11 (2)Hart Pub
摘要:Queensland's Legal Profession Act 2007 like its counterpart legislation in the other Australian states and territories allows law firms to incorporate and to do business as companies. It requires "incorporated legal practices" to have at least one legal practitioner director and ...


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