作者:... Xu Zhang , Zhao Yang , Meiqing Wang
来源:[J].Cancer+, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:Bladder cancer refers to malignant tumors that originate in the bladder mucosa. Globally, bladder cancer is the ninth most common malignant tumor and the second most common urinary tumor. Recently, the search for highly sensitive, specific, non-invasive, convenient, quick, and ec...
作者:... Jiansong Wang , Zhao Yang , Chong Li
来源:[J].Cancer+, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:Cluster of differentiation 71 (CD71) is important to the proliferation of many tumors and could be a potential target for tumor diagnosis. This study aimed to investigate the level of CD71 expression in bladder cancer (BC) tissues and urine samples for initial detection of BC. Ei...


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