作者:Chunping Hu , Xuefeng Yan
来源:[J].Chemical Product and Process Modeling, 2008, Vol.3 (1)
摘要:A novel macrokinetic model is proposed for the hydrogenation purifying of terephthalic acid (HPTA), which is catalyzed by Pd/C in an industrial trickle-bed reactor (TBR). First, the reaction orders of HPTA are estimated by the mass transfer-free experiment data in the laboratory ...
作者:Qingtao Sun , Xuefeng Yan
来源:[J].Chemical Product and Process Modeling, 2011, Vol.6 (1)
摘要:Considering that there are many factors having highly nonlinear effect on the Murphree efficiency of column in petrochemical industry and that the obtained accurate value of the Murphree efficiency plays an important role in the performance of the column model, a novel hybrid mod...


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