作者:Xuebo Chen , Shouke Yan
来源:[J].Science China Chemistry(IF 1.327), 2018, Vol.61 (10), pp.1320-1327Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)Two new fused ring electron acceptors (FREAs) IDT-IC-T and IDT-IC-B with thienyl or phenyl substituents at the terminal INCN unit are synthesized. Theoretical calculations indicate that the two acceptors dominantly favor an intermolecular π-π stacking between th...
作者:... Chuang Gao , Nannan Zhao , Xuebo Chen
来源:[J].Applied Intelligence(IF 1.853), 2019, Vol.49 (8), pp.3061-3081Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)In this paper, an efficient projection wavelet weighted twin support vector regression (PWWTSVR) algorithm is proposed. PWWTSVR determines the regression function by solving a pair of smaller unconstrained minimization problems in primal space, which can reduce compu...
作者:WangBao Xu , XueBo Chen
来源:[J].Science in China Series F: Information Sciences(IF 0.656), 2008, Vol.51 (10), pp.1521-1531Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)The purpose of this paper is to develop a general control method for swarm robot formation control. Firstly, an attraction-segment leader-follower formation graph is presented for formation representations. The model of swarm robot systems is described. According to ...
作者:Xuebo Chen , Songyan Song ...
来源:[J].Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences(IF 1.588), 1997, Vol.40 (5), pp.456-462Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)The crustal structures of P velocity and density on the deep seismic sounding profile across the Ilabieshan orogenic belt are presented. There is a 5-km-thick crustal “root” between the Yuexi and Xiaotian where the elevation is highest on the profile. An apparen...
作者:... Lipo Yang , Junsheng Wang , Xuebo Chen
来源:[J].Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science), 2016, Vol.21 (4), pp.411-418Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)Based on the volume constancy with equal flow-per-second and elastic sheet stability theory, a coupling relationship among lateral thickness difference, width-to-thickness ratio of cold rolling strip steel under ideal and actual working conditions, and shape is concl...
作者:Lianzeng Ma , Xuebo Chen , Huaguang Zhang
来源:[J].Journal of Control Theory and Applications, 2013, Vol.11 (4), pp.579-585Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)In this paper, we investigate a decentralized stabilization problem of uncertain multi-agent systems with mixed delays including discrete and distributed time-varying delays based on passivity stability. We design a decentralized state-feedback stabilization scheme s...


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