作者:Xiaoxiang Ma , Feng Chen ...
来源:[J].Journal of Advanced Transportation(IF 0.733), 2018, Vol.2018Hindawi
摘要:Road traffic accidents are believed to be associated with not only road geometric feature and traffic characteristic, but also weather condition. To address these safety issues, it is of paramount importance to understand how these factors affect the occurrences of the crashes. E...
作者:Xiaoxiang Ma , Xiaodong Pan
来源:[J].Journal of Advanced Transportation(IF 0.733), 2020, Vol.2020Hindawi
摘要:A truck platoon is a set of virtually linked trucks that travel in tandem with small intervehicle distances. Several studies have proved that traveling in platoons can significantly improve fuel economy due to the reduced aerodynamic drag. However, most literature only provides s...


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