作者:Veena Sharma , Manu Singh
来源:[J].International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014, Vol.6 (9), pp.226-230IAS
摘要:Objective: Liver is the most important organ in the pivotal role of regulating various physiological processes and several vital functions like metabolism, secretion and storage. Plants are reputed in the indigenous systems of medicine for the treatment of various diseases. Toxic...
作者:Veena Sharma , Aastha Shori ...
来源:[J].Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 2015, Vol.8 (3), pp.344-349IAS
摘要:Objective: The present study was aimed at probing the protective potential of Helicteres isora hydroethanolic stem bark extract (HIHSBE) againstN-nitrosopyrrolidine (NPYR) induced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Swiss albino male mice.Method: Mice were divided into six groups o...
作者:Veena Sharma , Urmila Chaudhary
来源:[J].Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 2016, Vol.9 (14), pp.96-101IAS
摘要:ABSTRACTObjective: Helicteres isora Linn. roots have been reported to use in microbial infection, diabetes, dysentery colic, scabies, wound healing, andgastropathy. The main objective of this study was preliminary phytochemical screening of various fractions of H. isora roots.Met...
来源:[J].International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2019, pp.96-102IAS
摘要:Objective: The present experimental investigation was planned to unravel and analyze the therapeutic potential of hydro-ethanol extract prepared from the stem bark of Prosopis cineraria against LPS-induced toxicity under in vitro conditions. Methods: Liver tissue samples fro...
作者:Veena Sharma , Urmila Chaudhary
来源:[J].Journal of Critical Reviews, 2014, Vol.2 (1), pp.7-19IAS
摘要:Achyranthes aspera Linn. (Amaranthaceae family) a medicinal plant is found throughout India as an annual herb. In this plant many antioxidants like alkaloids, terpenoids, saponins etc. of various pharmacological properties are present. Many chemical constituents have also been is...


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