作者:Deepankar Garga , Trishna Das
来源:[J].International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2017, Vol.9 (5), pp.9-12
摘要:Objective: To determine the phytochemical analysis and anti-inflammatory effect of the aqueous extract of Tabernaemontanadivaricata flower in Wister Rats.Methods: The aqueous extract of fresh flowers of the plant Tabernaemontanadivaricata (family-Apocyanaceae) were prepared and a...
来源:[J].International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2019, pp.66-69
摘要:AIDS is a major challenge in the 21st century. AIDS, stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a serious health problem and a fast-spreading incurable disease. It is a disorder of the cell-mediated immune system of the body. It is localized in certain inaccessible compar...
作者:Trishna Das , Bhabesh Das ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016, Vol.8 (4), pp.185-188
摘要:Objective: Manilkara hexandra Roxb. (Family: Sapotaceae) is a common evergreen tree and commercial crop in India which is widely used as antibacterial, diuretic, anthelmintic, antioxidant and antidiabetic in folklore medicine in India. The objective of the study was to evaluate t...
作者:... Surajit Kumar Ghosh , Trishna Das , Shanti Bhushan Mishra
来源:[J].Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 2016, Vol.9 (1), pp.361-363
摘要:ABSTRACTObjective: To investigate the hypoglycemic and antihyperlipidemic effect of a successive ethanolic extract of Adiantum caudatum (EEAC) whole plantin alloxan induced diabetic rats.Methods: Diabetes was induced in Wistar albino rats by the administration of alloxan (140 mg/...
作者:... Abdul Baqee Ahmed , Trishna DAS , Rupa Sengupta
来源:[J].International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014, Vol.6 (7), pp.512-515
摘要:Objective: Murdania nudiflora (L) Brenan (Commelinaceae) has long been used in folk medicine in treatment of many diseases. In this study, attempts have been made for pharmacological screening of the plant Murdania nudiflora (L) Brenan (Commelinaceae) for analgesic activity and p...


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