作者:... Keyu Xu , Shubin Li , Giancarlo Consolo
来源:[J].Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society(IF 0.82), 2018, Vol.2018
摘要:In the traditional optimal velocity model, safe distance is usually a constant, which, however, is not representative of actual traffic conditions. This paper attempts to study the impact of dynamic safety distance on vehicular stream through a car-following model. Firstly, a new...
作者:... Feng Chen , Shubin Li , Huimin Niu
来源:[J].Mathematical Problems in Engineering(IF 1.383), 2015, Vol.2015
摘要:The coordination between bus rapid transit (BRT) and feeder bus service is helpful in improving the operational efficiency and service level of urban public transport system. Therefore, a coordinated operation model of BRT and bus is intended to develop in this paper. The total c...
作者:Zhu Jiang , Shubin Li , Fenyuan Wang
来源:[J].Advances in Mechanical Engineering(IF 1.062), 2014, Vol.2014
摘要:According to the estimation information of dynamic traffic demands, a novel optimal control model of freeway was established on the basis of the hierarchical concept. There are four control modules in this model. The OD prediction module predicts the total traffic demands in a lo...


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